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As the nation is still reeling from a frightening shooting in Alexandria, Va., where lawmakers and their aides were targeted on a baseball field, the American Pastors Network (APN, www.americanpastorsnetwork.net) explored the news on the “Stand in the Gap Today” radio program, which is heard on 425 stations around the country.

APN President Sam Rohrer and his co-hosts discussed the shooting, the shooter’s connection to the Bernie Sanders camp, as well as Sanders’ recent attack on the Christian beliefs of a presidential nominee.

One question on the show addressed the following pressing question: Why did the shooting happen?

Tragedies like these, Rohrer said, often involve a rejection of God and moral law, as well as a rejection of a society that has pushed aside God and absolute truth. The world can choose two options: 1) More freedom in Christ, in the acceptance of Jesus and an embracing of God’s moral law that respects life and honors the King, as well as self-governance according to the Ten Commandments; or 2) More draconian government that leads to totalitarianism, restricted freedom and further rejection of God and moral truth.

Under attack in America, Rohrer added, is Christianity, human rights and truth, evidenced by the fact that a citizen attacked authority and that some lawmakers and celebrities are attacking God and citizen.

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