Samaritan Ministries Blessed to Be a Part of Growing Families


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May 8, 2017

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Samaritan Ministries Blessed to Be a Part of Growing Families

Health Care Sharing Ministry Helps Mothers and Fathers Focus on New Little Ones Rather Than Stress Over Medical Bills


PEORIA, Ill.—This Mother’s Day, moms of all ages will remember the specific moment their little one was born, and possibly the harried days and sleepless nights that followed. For mothers whose families are members of Samaritan Ministries International ( when their babies are born, there can also be an encouraging memory of spiritual and financial support from fellow Samaritan members.

Samaritan Ministries, one of the leading health care sharing ministries in America, communicates with many member households who are expecting a new baby or just welcomed a new addition.

“Samaritan Ministries is honored to celebrate with many families as they welcome new sons and daughters, brothers and sisters,” said Anthony Hopp, Samaritan’s vice president of external relations. “We are happy to say that Samaritan connects our members through a Biblical community and the direct sharing of one another’s needs not only in times of medical need, but also during happy and joyous times as families rejoice in a new life, one who will hopefully follow Christ.”

Rohit and Sarah from Virginia wrote that they had always read the responses about the help Samaritan members received directly from others.

“But we didn’t fully appreciate the blessing they talked about until we were on the receiving end,” they shared. “It truly makes the monthly giving we send to other members more meaningful now. It really was overwhelming to see how faithfully we were provided for by the generosity of others and how this organization really worked. It was exciting to go to the mailbox each day and know there would be a check to help us pay the bills, rather than a bill that we would be hard-pressed to pay on our own.”

Eddie and Girlie in Mississippi shared that when their daughter, Sycie, was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, creating a decreased oxygen supply during birth.

“But, God is good,” they wrote, “and Sycie’s bluish color turned pink within five minutes. We have a beautiful, healthy and hungry addition to our family. When we started receiving the shares from other members, we were overjoyed that the expenses of bringing our little girl into this world would be (shared). However, the cards of congratulations, prayers and blessings for health of mom and baby, and prayers from fellow Christians that our daughter will grow to be a ‘warrior for Christ’ is what made us most happy, as it humbled us and re-energized within us the importance of our children being raised to be followers and servants of our Lord and Savior. No amount of money could ever bring us the peace and comfort we have in knowing that God is pleased with our being part of this wonderful ministry.”

Elizabeth from California added that her family briefly used insurance after the birth of a daughter, but canceled it after one month, choosing Samaritan Ministries instead.

“We have been so thankful to be a part of Samaritan Ministries during the birth of our second child,” she wrote. “All of our bills have been (shared), and it has been so encouraging to receive beautiful cards and thoughts from believers all over America. We are documenting all of the states where our shares have come from in our daughter’s baby book. Such a treasure!”

Members who send their financial shares to other families welcoming new babies are blessed as well.

“We just … sent our first share to a family that just had a baby,” wrote Pam from Ohio. “That was real exciting to us because we just had a new grandbaby; it was exciting to send an encouraging note along with the check. Also very excited to be able to get the kind of treatment and doctors of our choice and not (having) to be in network. Just knowing that we won’t have to worry about medical bills, and also knowing people from all over will be praying in your time of healing, is a huge comfort.”

Two families’ testimonies about maternity blessings can also be seen via video here.

Samaritan’s more than 69,000 member households (226,000 individuals) enjoy the refreshing opportunity to apply principles of New Testament living to 21st-century health care. Samaritan members pay a monthly share of just $495 for a family of any size, while individuals pay $220 and couples pay $440 (and lesser amounts for adults under 26 years old).

Today, Samaritan members share $24 million per month in medical needs, following the Bible’s teachings to “bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2 | ESV).

Samaritan members in all 50 states share each other’s needs, are exempt from the government health care’s individual mandates and do not share in needs for unbiblical practices, such as abortion.

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