Samaritan Ministries couple offers ‘gentle guidance’ to expectant mothers and their families

Pregnancy By Design helps pregnant women choose a plan and a purpose

February 16, 2022

PEORIA, Ill. — Pregnancy and childbirth can present an overwhelming number of choices starting with deciding whether the birth will be handled via the standard medical model or by midwifery.

Samaritan Ministries International ( is aware that pregnancy can be a confusing time for families and is committed to giving support to their members who need maternity care. With so many options available, Samaritan empowers pregnant women and their families to determine the best health care decisions for them as well as negotiate the best prices.

One family connected with Samaritan has a calling to aid mothers throughout their pregnancies and during birth and post-partum. Chandra Lattig and her husband, Ryan, founded Pregnancy By Design in 2018, which offers care, support, and information for pregnant women through a variety of methods.

“We saw a need to provide expectant parents with quality, vetted pregnancy resources,” Chandra said. “As grateful members of Samaritan Ministries, we’ve seen how the body of Christ ministers one to another. Pregnancy By Design is our way of gently guiding women and their families through the remarkable, God-given miracle of birth.

“Whether you are a parent or a provider, we strive to deliver the best in pregnancy and maternal health information.”

The platform has two main goals:

  • Improve overall maternal and neonatal health outcomes through evidence-based education.
  • Reduce unnecessary interventions and birth trauma.

Pregnancy By Design offers a number of classes, including a comprehensive childbirth course, a post-partum course, a breech baby options course, a birth profile assessment and after-baby essentials.

“This is just the kind of creative, patient-driven, God-honoring health care that Samaritan Ministries tries to encourage,” said Anthony Hopp, Samaritan Ministries International’s vice president and chief purpose officer. “We at Samaritan know that pregnancy can be a challenging time for a lot of women, and we want to be available to help expectant mothers however we can.”

Chandra and Ryan have been married for 15 years and have two “beautiful, busy little girls.” The couple work with an amazing team of maternal health and childbirth professionals to provide a comprehensive, whole-person childbirth education platform.

“We want to support and encourage parents during pregnancy and in the early and ongoing days of parenthood so that they may experience joy rather than the uncertainty and exhaustion that so often accompanies parenthood,” Chandra says.

“Some of our members do amazing things,” Hopp says, “and that includes Ryan and Chandra, who have built something really special in Pregnancy By Design.”

Samaritan Ministries currently has a membership of 283,767 individuals from 85,450 households.

Unlike health insurance, Samaritan Ministries has no limited enrollment period. Government exchange-based health insurance requires signups to occur only during open enrollment periods unless one qualifies for a special enrollment period due to a “life event,” such as losing coverage, getting married, moving, or having a baby.

Samaritan Ministries health care sharingoffers several advantages:

  • No network restrictions. When medical care is needed, Samaritan members choose the health care provider, hospital, and pharmacy that work best for them.
  • The direct-sharing approach allows members to not only help fellow believers with their medical financial needs but to pray for and connect with them on a regular basis.
  • Monthly shares are hundreds of dollars less per month than traditional insurance.

Samaritan Ministries gives people of Biblical faith an effective, Bible-driven health care community in which approximately $30 million in medical needs is shared person to person every month. Over the past 27 years, Samaritan Ministries members have shared more than $3 billion in needs while also praying for and encouraging fellow members through personal notes, cards and letters.

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