Samaritan Ministries ‘Family Health Checkup’ Radio Program Celebrates 5 Years on the Air

Popular, Upbeat Feature Offers Preventive-Care Health Tips

December 8, 2020

PEORIA, Ill. “Family Health Checkup,” an upbeat, daily one-minute radio program is celebrating five years of broadcasting, recently airing its 1,300th episode. Currently offered on over 1,075 radio stations nationally and internationally, the program reliably provides practical insights on nutrition, fitness, seasonal health, safety, kids’ health and much more.

The daily 60-second feature produced by Samaritan Ministries International (Samaritan,, a leading health care sharing ministry, also continues to add listeners nationwide with its reach in the millions.

Doug Chamberlain, host and producer of “Family Health Checkup,” offers tips every man, woman and child can apply. Recent programs have focused on healthy holiday eating, simple ways to cut calories, and why pumpkin is a healthy food. One frequent topic is preventive care, usually a more complete and cost-effective approach to staying healthy.

Each “Family Health Checkup”minute empowers listeners with practical advice in bite-sized chunks. For example, in discussing regular exercise, Chamberlain keeps the advice simple and achievable.

“A good goal to start is walking 10,000 steps a day,” Chamberlain said. “A simple pedometer or an app on your cell phone will help track your steps. Increase your number of steps by parking farther away from your office or the entrance to the grocery store.”

“Family Health Checkup” is one of many ways Samaritan Ministries International supports families and encourages them to take ownership of their health care.

Through this effective, God-honoring ministry, more than 84,000 households with more than 270,000 Samaritan members are sharing approximately $30 million in health care needs person to person each month.

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