Samaritan Ministries’ Health Care Sharing Members Face Back-to-School Colds and Flu, Too




Samaritan Ministries’ Health Care Sharing Members Face Back-to-School Colds and Flu, Too

Next Tuesday on Facebook Live, Direct Primary Care Physician and Samaritan Ministries Member Dr. Deborah Chisholm Discusses Health Care Sharing and How Families Can Stay Healthy


PEORIA, Ill.—Kids around the country are heading back to school, which means that fall colds and flu season will soon follow. Even homeschool families may face these challenges through sports, co-ops, and other activities.

Samaritan Ministries International (, one of the leading health care sharing ministries in America, understands that health care sharing is a great fit for many young families, especially when considering ever-rising insurance premiums.

With that in mind, Samaritan Ministries is offering a back-to-school-themed Facebook Live event at 11 a.m. CDT Tuesday, Sept. 5. The Samaritan team will talk with direct primary care physician and Samaritan member Dr. Deborah Chisholm, who will discuss ways families can keep their kids healthy and out of the doctor’s office during the school year.

Chisholm, a mother of four herself, says she finds “great joy” in developing relationships with patients, which led to the creation of the Chisholm Center for Health, a direct patient care practice in Leroy, Illinois. She and her husband, David, a certified personal trainer and massage therapist, were introduced to Samaritan through friends and enjoyed learning about the health care sharing ministry by watching online testimonial videos featuring members.

“We knew very quickly what our monthly sharing amount would be, plain and simple,” Chisholm told Samaritan. “My husband and I love the concept of sharing in real needs for others as they occur. We like having the opportunity to connect with other individuals or families at the time of their need, too, and to offer support through notes and prayers. And we are so encouraged to know that our resources are being used for good and not for medical services we do not agree with, such as abortion.” 

Many health care sharing members choose direct primary care (or DPC) practices like Chisholm’s because of their personal nature, affordability, price transparency and access to doctors. In some circumstances, Samaritan shares fees for DPCs, which are designed to simplify and improve access to quality, personalized care for individuals and families.

“In a nutshell,” Chisholm added, “my clients hire me directly to take care of their primary care needs. In turn, I work directly for them, not an insurance company that reimburses me for my services. There are no hidden co-pays for anything we can do at the office. We have complete price transparency and great wholesale pricing on labs and radiology when those things are necessary. Even better, we offer all-inclusive membership plans that give our clients a special phone number to access me for texting or phone calls, even after hours. I throw in home visits, too, as appropriate in certain situations. I consider it an honor when I get to travel with my black bag.”

Samaritan’s Facebook Live events occur every two weeks on Tuesdays at 11 a.m. CDT to welcome existing and potential members into an engaging and informative online conversation that both educates about health care sharing and introduces Samaritan to an inquisitive audience. The online events are a casual way for those interested in health care sharing to learn more about Samaritan in a fun, engaging atmosphere.

Every month, the Chisholm family and other Samaritan members like them—nearly 70,000 households and more than 229,000 individuals—give directly to their fellow members who have qualified medical needs. Currently, this Biblical community shares about $25 million in medical needs each month, while giving a monthly share of only $495 for a family of any size. Individuals give $220 and couples give $440. Shares for members under the age of 26 are even lower.

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