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This Health Care Sharing Ministry’s Members Have Shared More than $95 Million in Health Care Needs for Heart Patients Over the Past Five Years

September 27, 2021

PEORIA, Ill. — Wednesday, September 29, is World Heart Day. It’s a good reminder that more people die every year worldwide from heart disease than from any other illness, according to the World Heart Federation. It’s also a good reminder of the need for support when a loved one is dealing with cardiovascular disease.

“At Samaritan Ministries, our members have shared more than $95 million over the past five years assisting other members with cardiovascular-related health care needs,” said Anthony Hopp, vice president and chief purpose officer of Samaritan Ministries International (Samaritan). “In 2021 alone, Samaritan members have shared $5.7 million in heart-related health needs.”

Cardiovascular disease consistently has produced one of the largest numbers of share requests at Samaritan. In fact, heart-related shares are second only to cancer, which accounted for more than $166 million in shares over the past five years.

“Over our 27-year history, tens of thousands of grateful cardiovascular patients and their families have been helped by the generosity, caring messages and prayers from other Samaritan members,” Hopp said. “We are privileged to offer this Christ-honoring way of connecting like-minded patients to share medical needs.”

Cardiovascular disease is the world’s most prevalent cause of death, resulting in 18.6 million deaths a year. Of these deaths, 85% are due to coronary heart diseases (e.g., heart attacks) and cerebrovascular diseases (e.g., strokes).

The condition is exacerbated by many causes: smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and air pollution, as well as some less-common conditions such as Chagas disease and cardiac amyloidosis.

“Members of Samaritan are blessed to be able to come alongside families struggling with heart issues such as heart attacks, heart disease, and related illnesses, and help connect them with fellow believers who can help share their burdens,” Hopp said. “We often hear from members about how they have been blessed or been able to bless others.”

Michael and Andrea of California shared:

“We have both had some major health challenges in 2020. Mike had a heart attack and Andrea had optic nerve issues. Without medical insurance, and generally enjoying good health for many years, we did not know exactly what to expect in paying for these problems. We negotiated discounts with providers. Samaritan has been a joy to work with, and members have blessed us with funds, well-wishes, and prayers. God is very good!”

Theresa from Missouri wrote:

Samaritan Ministries has been a huge blessing in our lives. We had several needs met in 2019, including a large one for my husband’s heart attacks and surgery. Hundreds of cards and checks poured in. We have shed many tears over the generosity and compassion of our fellow Samaritan brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Eddye from Texas said:

“Because of the Samaritan dashboard’s health resources, I was able to have a heart echo and chest X-ray at a discounted rate. What savings! Thanks for keeping the members informed!!!”

John and Jacqueline from Washington State told us:

“We love being able to share the needs of others. It’s the biblical pattern … thank you for this opportunity.”

Over the years, Samaritan members have aided tens of thousands of families and individuals by sharing their health care expenses and through prayers and encouraging cards and letters.

Samaritan Ministries currently serves 85,407 households and 281,670 individuals.

Unlike health insurance, Samaritan Ministries has no limited enrollment period. Health insurance requires signups to occur only during open enrollment periods unless one qualifies for a special enrollment period due to a “life event,” such as losing coverage, getting married, moving, or having a baby.

Samaritan Ministries health care sharingoffers several advantages:

Samaritan Ministries gives people of Biblical faith an effective, Bible-driven health care community in which approximately $30 million in medical needs is shared person to person every month. Over the past 26 years, Samaritan Ministries members have shared more than $3 billion in needs while also praying for and encouraging fellow members through personal notes, cards and letters.  

Learn more about Samaritan Ministries International here; visit the Samaritan website at www.samaritanministries.org, or follow the ministry on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.  


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