Samaritan Ministries Member Experienced $100,000 in Medical Bills—‘ALL Paid in Full with the Help’ of His Fellow Samaritan Members

Samaritan Ministries Member Experienced $100,000 in Medical Bills—‘ALL Paid in Full with the Help’ of His Fellow Samaritan Members

 Randy, an Evangelist from Pennsylvania, Missed Nine Months of Work with Lymphoma But Was Touched That ‘Folks All Over the World Were Praying’

PEORIA, Ill.—In December 2014, Randy, an evangelist from Pennsylvania and a member of Samaritan Ministries International (, one of the leading health care sharing ministries in America, said he was shocked to be diagnosed with lymphoma.

And, although the many months following were difficult due to treatments, high medical bills, worry and concern about his health, Randy said “Samaritan was fantastic in standing with me.”

Randy is one of 270,000-plus individual Samaritan members (more than 82,000 member households) who send their monthly financial shares directly to other members, along with notes and cards of encouragement. Through this effective, God-honoring ministry, Samaritan’s growing Biblical community shares approximately $29 million in medical needs person-to-person each month. In fact, Samaritan members have shared $1.8 billion in needs over 25 years.

“After six chemo treatments, they could find no cancer five months later,” Randy remembers. “However, in September 2015, my PET scan showed it returned. Three oncologists said I’d have to have more difficult chemo, possibly radiation and absolutely have to have a stem cell replacement. As an evangelist, I’d lose at least nine months of meetings. Again, Samaritan stood with me. We prayed. Folks all over the world were praying.

“When the two biopsies were repeated … to their amazement, they could find no cancer,” Randy continues. “I’ve been back preaching ever since. I got a clean bill of health and no appointments for six more months. To our God be the glory. I love how my Samaritan partners sent cards and checks, assuring me they were praying for me. Those who answered the phones at (Samaritan’s home office) often prayed with me. I can’t thank them enough.

“By the way, I had over $100,000 in sharable bills—ALL paid in full with the help of (other Samaritan members),” he says. “Now I’ve helped many others become Samaritan partners, too. This is (a) Biblical program run by folks with conscientious accountability and great heart. I highly recommend Samaritan ministries to brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Anthony Hopp, Samaritan’s vice president of external relations, acknowledges that one of the hesitations many have in joining a health care sharing ministry is if they will be able to pay their medical bills.

“For 25 years,” Hopp said. “Samaritan Ministries has focused on Biblical, responsible stewardship. We take that charge extremely seriously, and over a quarter of a century, our commitment has been to share needs among our members in a timely manner, as we know families are dealing with health concerns, medical bills and much more. Samaritan members report time after time that our direct-sharing process is efficient, it works, and it honors God.”

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