Samaritan Ministries Members Express Joy and Gratitude for the Gift of Health Care Sharing

Samaritan Ministries Members Express Joy and Gratitude for the Gift of Health Care Sharing

Lori in California Remarks: ‘Not Only Is Samaritan a Well-Run Ministry, But I Feel Joy Every Month as I Share the Burden of Fellow Believers’

December 16, 2019

PEORIA, Ill.—When it comes to health care, few are likely to describe their experience as “joyful,” but this is exactly what is said by many of the 270,000-plus individual members (82,000 households) of Samaritan Ministries International (, one of the leading health care sharing ministries in America.

“Surreal” is another unusual way two Samaritan members, Jeff and his wife, Cleo, from Texas, described the health care sharing process through Samaritan Ministries—in a positive way.

“To be the recipient of the generous shares provided by Samaritan members is overwhelming,” Jeff said. “While I obviously never wanted to have this need, I now gladly, joyously, send our share to other members during their stressful times. It’s such a small price to pay for such comfort.”

Anthony Hopp, vice president of external relations for Samaritan Ministries, noted that Samaritan members like Jeff and Cleo are overwhelmingly pleased—with member retention historically between 86% and 90% and member satisfaction well over 90%.

“Samaritan members share directly with one another, person to person, household to household, because we believe a medical need involves more than just a financial transaction; there are spiritual and emotional needs as well,” Hopp said. “Through our direct connection with one another, members are able to enact an economy of grace, kindness and compassion by praying for each other and sending cards and notes of encouragement to one another. As a result, Samaritan members don’t do health care alone; they do it together in the context of a loving community.”

Each month, Samaritan members share $30 million in medical needs—person to person and family to family—as they also pray and send notes and cards of encouragement. It’s like Christmas every month. Over the past 25 years, Samaritan members have shared $1.8 billion in medical needs.

Akash and Jill in Nevada said their family is “very blessed and thankful for Samaritan.”

“It is a joy to have full confidence in this health care sharing ministry, allowing us to unreservedly recommend it,” they said. “Thank you for your faithfulness to Christ, His Word and His people. We will pray that He keeps you unflinchingly faithful.”

Rita, a new mother in Michigan, said she received three financial shares—and three notes of encouragement—for her maternity need all in one day.

“With each envelope that I opened, my heart burst with joy,” Rita said. “I could have fallen to my knees and cried. This is the Body of Christ that we take part in. I thank the Lord for allowing us to learn about and join Samaritan Ministries.”

Lori in California said she chose Samaritan Ministries specifically because of direct-sharing.

“I have been blessed with very good health, so I always felt that insurance was a huge waste of resources for me,” Lori said. “After researching all of the Christian health care options, I chose Samaritan because I liked the idea of giving directly to each member in need. Not only is Samaritan a well-run ministry, but I feel joy every month as I share the burden of fellow believers. This is God’s intention for us here on earth!”

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