Samaritan Ministries Members’ Favorite Aspects of the Ministry: Biblical, Affordable, Transparent—and a ‘Wonderful’ Staff!

Samaritan Ministries Members’ Favorite Aspects of the Ministry: Biblical, Affordable, Transparent—and a ‘Wonderful’ Staff!

Members Say the Samaritan Staff is Helpful, Amazing, Prayerful, Kind, Warm, Personal, Uplifting, Encouraging, Thoughtful, Patient and Understanding

PEORIA, Ill.Samaritan Ministries International’s ( 82,000 member households and more than 270,000 individuals love many things about this health care sharing ministry: the fact that they share approximately $29 million in medical needs every month directly with other members, that it’s affordable and effective, that the transparency of health care sharing allows them to “own” their health care, and that it’s a God-honoring model of health care grounded in Galatians 6:2—just to name a few.

But Samaritan Ministries members say another favorite aspect of health care sharing through Samaritan is the caring and attentive staff.

Rob Waldo, Samaritan Ministries’ vice president of member services, said it is an honor to witness Samaritan staff interacting with members all along the journey of life.

“I have the great joy and privilege of serving with an amazing team who cares for Samaritan members with compassion, excellence and grace, and they do it to honor Jesus,” Waldo said. “Daily we also hear the stories of our incredible Samaritan members, many of whom are going through very challenging circumstances. It is really inspiring to see the steadfast faith, hope and character of Samaritan members.”

LaVaine and Tamera of Missouri said that every time they had a need their fellow Samaritan members rallied around them with prayers, notes and encouragement, along with sending financial shares. They also were grateful for interaction with Samaritan staff members.

“The staff has been so helpful and have prayed with us as well,” they said. “We love being a part of this health care sharing ministry!”

Nadia in North Carolina wrote to Samaritan with this kind note:

“Your team is amazing! I’m so thankful for the swift response anytime I’ve ever had a question over the past year. I so appreciate your service in connecting all of us sharers to one another!”

Lia from New Hampshire said she is “so grateful” for Samaritan Ministries.

“I have had a few needs over the past year and the staff has been supremely helpful, prayerful and kind in helping my needs to be met,” Lia said. “I’ve continued to be encouraged by seeing how my needs are met by others in this community.”

Added Jana in Indiana, “I am proud and grateful to be a member and feel blessed to send my support directly to an individual each month along with my note of encouragement. I have also been the recipient of support and encouragement for a need. I love that I am able to speak with a person of ‘kindred spirit’ whenever I call and have a question. Always feels warm, personal and uplifting instead of impersonal and businesslike. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Leah from South Carolina said she has had a positive experience with Samaritan staff—every time.

“I especially appreciate every single person who I’ve talked to when I call in,” Leah said. “I’ve never had anyone who was less than friendly. They make me feel like they genuinely care. And they all ask to pray with me when we’re on the phone and it always means a lot. Thank you all for what you are doing!”

Michael and Rainah from Virginia said Samaritan staff have been “amazing” to work with.

“We have been so blessed to share other members’ needs and have the most amazing maternity care we have ever experienced!” they said. “We love that every time we call a Samaritan employee takes the time to pray with us. We love that our money is ALWAYS going to support our Biblical values and never to abortion, etc. We are only sorry we didn’t join Samaritan sooner!”

Beverly from New Hampshire said she has “passed the word” on to many people about Samaritan Ministries.

“Samaritan Ministries’ phone representatives are ALWAYS so thoughtful and helpful, patient and understanding,” she said. “The few times I’ve called, I have been touched by the content of the prayers the representatives share with me at the end of our calls, as they actually listened to what I said, and they instinctively know what I really need from God.”

Craig and Carrie of Colorado said they “could not be happier to be in this Christian medical sharing community!”

“It is so encouraging to share cards, prayers and medical expenses with other believers, both on the giving and receiving ends,” they said. “The people (who) work for Samaritan Ministries are also so wonderful, helpful and encouraging with prayer over the phone!”

Lydia in Montana said she is thankful for Samaritan staff who care for her—and every member.

“Amazing people are there to answer questions and pray over the phone!” Lydia said. “Please continue to find those amazing people who really care. I can tell they do! Also, thank you for quick, easy access on the phone—it never feels like I’m talking to a major company—in the best of ways!”

Many of Samaritan Ministries’ Facebook comments and recommendations that have garnered 4.7 out of 5 stars focus on the staff as well.

Said Kristina of Arizona: “Truly a wonderful experience to do business with. Affordable and helpful—I feel like they have angels working there … when you’re dealing with health concerns, they help you with kindness, patience and prayer. Samaritan Ministries puts the CARE back in health care …”

Earlier in 2019, Samaritan Ministries was certified for the 11th consecutive year as a “Best Christian Workplace” by the Best Christian Workplaces Institute based on confidential responses to surveys of staff members.

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