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Samaritan Ministries Partnering with Humble Beast Beautiful Eulogy Tour This Fall

As a Sponsor for the Nine-Concert West Coast Tour, Samaritan Ministries Will Provide Opportunities to Learn About Biblical, Non-Insurance Approach to Health Care

PEORIA, Ill.—This fall, Samaritan Ministries International (samaritanministries.org) will have a presence at each of the nine concerts on the Humble Beast Beautiful Eulogy West Coast tour.

With more than 70,000 member households (231,000 individuals), Samaritan has practiced health care sharing through a Biblical lens for 23 years, with a focus on Christians helping other Christians with their needs as the Bible instructs in Galatians 6:2: “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (ESV).

As the exclusive non-profit sponsor of the Humble Beast Beautiful Eulogy tour, Samaritan representatives will be on hand at each venue to communicate more about health care sharing and answer questions about this Biblical, non-insurance approach to health care.

WHO:          Samaritan Ministries International

WHAT:        Humble Beast Beautiful Eulogy West Coast Tour

WHERE:      Nine concerts in California, Arizona, Oregon and Washington

WHEN:        Oct. 27-Nov. 5, 2017

WHY:          To educate attendees about health care sharing, a Biblical, non-insurance approach to health care.

INFO:          To learn more about Samaritan Ministries, click here.

For more information on the Humble Beast Beautiful Eulogy West Coast Tour, click here; tickets are $20 for general admission; $50 meet and greet also available.

Beautiful Eulogy is a Portland, Oregon-based group made up of artists Braille, Odd Thomas and Courtland Urbano. The group introduces a distinct and directive sound that’s driven by a desire to worship and glorify the God of the Bible, based in the context of its members’ hip-hop roots and shaped by influences like electronic music, folk songs and old hymns. Also included in the tour is upcoming artist Andrew White.

Cities on the tour include: Spokane, Washington (Oct. 27), Seattle, Washington (Oct. 28), Portland, Oregon (Oct. 29), Sacramento, California (Oct. 31), San Francisco, California (Nov. 1), Huntington Beach, California (Nov. 3), San Diego, California (Nov. 4) and Phoenix, Arizona (Nov. 5). The city for the ninth tour stop on Nov. 2 will be announced soon.

Humble Beast exists in humility to disciple God’s people and advance God’s kingdom through beautiful acts of creativity and theology for the worship of the triune God. Out of this mission comes Humble Beast’s four major distinctives: Creativity, Humility, Theology, Doxology. Learn more at www.HumbleBeast.com.

Samaritan Ministries provides its members with the refreshing opportunity to apply the principles of New Testament living to 21st-century health care. Today, more than 70,000 member households worldwide send a monthly financial share directly to other member households who have medical needs. Samaritan members also pray for one another and include notes and cards of encouragement and comfort.

In this simple way, they are currently sharing more than $25 million each month, with affordable monthly shares for individuals, couples and families of any size. Samaritan Ministries recently introduced a new membership level called Samaritan Basic, which features even lower monthly share amounts—starting at $100, $200 and $250—coupled with a higher initial unshared amount, giving both current and potential members another way to make the best health care sharing decisions for their families. Contact Samaritan Ministries for details or visit this link.

Samaritan members are also exempt from the health insurance mandate in the federal Affordable Care Act, and they do not share in needs for unbiblical practices like abortion.

Learn more about Samaritan Ministries International here. For more information on Samaritan Ministries International, visit www.samaritanministries.org, or follow the ministry on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.