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Samaritan Ministries Members Post High Praise on Facebook

March 4, 2021

PEORIA, IL — At a time when social media has a dominant influence on public opinion, Samaritan Ministries International (www.samaritanministries.org) staff members are regularly encouraged with notes posted to the Samaritan Ministries Community Facebook Group. Members also share information, suggestions, and prayer requests.

These Samaritan Ministries member posts give evidence of and carry out the mission of Samaritan Ministries by:

A recent post in the Facebook Group told how God has provided through the Samaritan Ministries members.

Dear Samaritan Ministries and Samaritan Members,

Words cannot express how thankful I am for the assistance we have received for my wife’s ongoing 13-month battle with stage 4 lung cancer. After payments of $18,000 and $15,000 for Karen’s drug treatment for the first few months, which you shared, I cannot believe the blessings and the prayers we have received from you and the members of Samaritan Ministries. God does answer prayer through you, my friends. He is still in control. He is still on the throne and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is our hope and He is our healer!

Because of these blessings we have done everything in our power to get discounts for the drugs and the treatments. Today we are getting a 40 percent discount from the cancer center in our hometown and our medicine for Karen’s treatment is free until next year. We can pass those savings on to other members who are struggling with health care needs.

We believe God has protected our finances by leading us away from our insurance company to Samaritan. Our health insurance went up twofold in price with super high deductibles which we could no longer afford. We did not know that after having Samaritan for a while my wife would be diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Without our fellow Samaritan members, we would be literally out living on the streets right now and who knows if we would be able to get what Karen needed for treatment. I thank God for you every day. I stand amazed! If you are struggling with sickness or emotional heartache today, I just want to encourage you by saying there is always hope. Hang in there.

In Christ’s love, Dean and Karen

Samaritan Ministries is a Bible-based health care sharing ministry, whose purpose, mission, and vision is to join in the work of God Who is bringing together all people who have a shared faith in Jesus Christ, to love and care for one another’s burdens, including health care needs.

Samaritan Ministries aims to bringthis unifying perspective to its effective, God-honoring, health care ministry, where their growing biblical community shares approximately $30 million in medical needs person to person each month. Over the past 26 years, Samaritan Ministries members have shared more than $2.3 billion in needs while praying for and encouraging one another with personal notes, cards and letters.

Learn more about Samaritan Ministries International here; visit the Samaritan website at www.samaritanministries.org, or follow the ministry on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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