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Save the Persecuted Christians Panel Attests to Genocide Against Faithful, Calls for Americans to Speak Boldly, Act

SRO Audience at National Prayer Breakfast Prays for Victims, Truth-Tellers

February 7, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Save the Persecuted Christians (STPC), a growing grassroots movement aimed at addressing systemically the global, genocidal assault on 327 million followers of Jesus, hosted a riveting truth-telling “End the Silence” program yesterday as a side event of the National Prayer Breakfast.

Present and former government leaders joined with representatives of persecuted Christian communities from Nigeria, China, Cuba, Sudan and South Sudan, and India to bear witness to the magnitude of the crimes against humanity afflicting such communities—and the imperative need to hold accountable and punish those responsible.

STPC President Frank Gaffney moderated the panel discussion which featured the following extraordinary presenters:

Gaffney concluded the program by calling attention to a letter circulated by Save the Persecuted Christians that called upon President Trump and his administration to “speak boldly” on behalf of believers. He also invited participants to join STPC’s grassroots movement aimed at holding accountable and imposing costs on persecutors and their enablers (including lobbyists on behalf of state-sponsors of persecution like Squire Patton Boggs).

Clerical leaders and prayer warriors in the audience brought the event to a close by movingly praying over the participants and for those they seek to save—the world’s afflicted Christians.

View video of STPC’s “End the Silence” program held on the margins of the National Prayer Breakfast at ChristianPersecutionNews.com. Tax-deductible contributions to support this organization’s vital work can be arranged there as well.


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