Saving the REPUBLIC … through Prayer

The Nation Focuses on Georgia; Georgia Prayer March Set for Jan. 2 at the Atlanta Georgia State House; the Lord is Moving Upon Prayer Warriors Across America to Participate in Multiple Prayer Events 

December 28, 2020

ATLANTAWith the eyes of our nation purposefully focused on Georgia’s two special senate run-off elections on January 5, a special event will be uniting Americans in intense prayer. The Georgia Prayer March (Georgia Prayer March) will be held at the Georgia State House in Atlanta on Saturday, January 2 from 11:00am to 2:30pm EST.  Attendees may also participate online, starting at Noon, by visiting

The Georgia Prayer March is a prayer walk. Prayer walking is led by the Holy Spirit and is “praying onsite with insight.” The Georgia Prayer March is not a rally, a conference or a concert. This is not even a worship service, although there will be times of worship. This is a prayer meeting while marching. There will not be speeches or sermons. Attendees will pray specifically for biblical values to be exalted in the Georgia senatorial elections. Specific candidates or political parties will not be named.

Co-chaired by Dr. Jim Garlow, co-founder of Well Versed, and Bishop Wellington Boone, founder of Wellington Boone Ministries, the Georgia Prayer March will be hosted both in-person and online. The Georgia Prayer March leaders are inviting tens-to-hundreds of thousands to join online, should they be unable to attend in-person.

The Georgia Prayer March is a non-partisan event. “We want to gather together to pray that Georgia elects and sends leaders with biblical values to the U.S. Senate,” said Dr. Garlow. “We do not tell anyone for whom to vote. That is your decision. We are non-partisan. We do, however, pray for Georgians to vote for candidates with distinctly biblical values. Our prayer is for biblical values to be followed in our nation.

“This election in Georgia is important in the sense that God wants to do something,” said Bishop Boone. “I would never vote for anyone who stands against the Bible, and the two main issues of the Bible are life and family. I am voting the Bible, and on January 2, I will be praying down heaven’s will for this election.”

The goals of the Georgia Prayer March are to encourage people to pray for the Georgia senate elections (and consider fasting for three days – January 3, 4 and 5 – until polls close on Tuesday), and to inspire people to either knock on doors or phone to help voters understand biblical values – working with the Faith and Freedom Coalition under the direction of Ralph Reed. 

Attendees participating in the Georgia Prayer March should register at, whether attending online or in person. 

Dr. Jim Garlow is an author, communicator, commentator, historian, cultural observer and has served most of his adult life as a pastor. Dr. Garlow is heard daily on almost 800 radio outlets nationwide in his one-minute commentary called “The Garlow Perspective,” and has appeared on numerous national TV shows on NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CNBC and Comedy Central. Dr. Garlow has written 21 books, including “Well Versed: Biblical Answers to Today’s Tough Issues” and “This Precarious Moment: Six Urgent Steps That Will Save You, Your Family And Our Country,” both released by Regnery Publishers of Washington, D.C.

Bishop Wellington Boone, Wellington Boone Ministries Founder, is a respected Christian leader with an unwavering commitment to Jesus Christ. Now expanding his work to Germany and South Africa, his passion is building disciples who stand on the truth of biblical principles regardless of personal cost. For more than 46 years, Bishop Boone has quietly inspired and trained Christian men and women to become leaders with Christ-like character, faithfulness to their marriages, and a zeal to transform society worldwide.


To interview Dr. Jim Garlow or Bishop Wellington Boone, or for more information about the Georgia Prayer March, contact, Marjorie Pratt, 610.584.1096, ext. 107, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102.