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Southern Evangelical Seminary for The Christian Post: We need more dialogue about the many contributing factors of mass shootings

By Dr. Richard Land / Southern Evangelical Seminary for The Christian Post

Over the weekend, we have once again been forced to endure heartbreaking images of innocent people gunned down in America, in this case, at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, and in a nightclub district in Dayton, Ohio.

As we grieve for the innocent victims and their loved ones, we once again are witnessing politicians of all stripes sprinting to microphones and Twitter to make debating points for this or that public policy. We must come together as Americans and insist that we and our leaders, if they want to continue to be our leaders, have not a debate, but a conversation and a dialogue, and we must talk with, not merely to, each other, and seek to answer the question, “Why?” Why so many of our fellow Americans, almost all male, very frequently young — age 20 in El Paso, age 24 in Dayton and age 19 in Gilroy, California — feel so hopeless, enraged and isolated from society that they would slaughter their fellow human beings. Make no mistake, the answers are complex, not simple. Continue reading…