Southern Evangelical Seminary Offers Online Biblical Literacy Course; Allows Participants to Delve Into God’s Word at Own Pace




Southern Evangelical Seminary Offers Online Biblical Literacy Course; Allows Participants to Delve Into God’s Word at Own Pace

SES President Dr. Richard Land: On Heels of 500th Anniversary of Reformation, Christians Must Revisit Foundations and Pillars of Faith


CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Millions of people around the U.S. call themselves Christians, perhaps because they believe in God and go to church a few times a year. Others who have a deep faith in Jesus Christ and know their eternity is sealed because of His sacrifice have something in common with this group.

Both groups may be biblically illiterate.

Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, is aiming to do something about this critical matter through a new online Bible course that will allow participants to truly delve into the Word at their own pace. The SES Lay Institute Biblical Studies course will allow students to experience the new standard of Bible study materials offered only by Southern Evangelical Seminary and taught by SES faculty and alumni.

“As we recently marked a significant anniversary of the Reformation, Christians are in the midst of revisiting the foundations and pillars of our faith, which is a very appropriate and important thing, especially at this time in our culture,” said SES President Dr. Richard Land. “Christians have the responsibility to delve into God’s Word, rather than take it for granted. The Scriptures alone are the final and the highest authority to which we can appeal. Everything that the Scriptures address are to be used as the final word, which is why it’s crucial that all of us not only know that the Bible is the ultimate authority, but be intimately immersed in everything the Lord shared with the world through divine inspiration.”

The Bible is the foundation of the Christian faith. But how well do most people know it? SES’s Biblical Studies course will provide participants with a comprehensive picture of the entire Bible, not merely offering some stories here and there, but lending an understanding to each of the books in their own contexts. Students will also understand the historical, cultural, geographical and literary context of each of the 66 books of the Bible.

More than 40 full-length lectures feature sound content, smooth animations and visual aids. From their own den, study, or smartphone, students can learn from experienced Bible teachers such as Land, Dr. Barry Leventhal and Dr. Floyd Elmore, just to name a few. The Lay Institute Bible Studies course is self-paced and available on phones, tablets or laptops.

A 10 percent discount is available now through midnight ET on Cyber Monday (Nov. 27), and the course will be released to participants in the coming weeks. View more information on SES’s Lay Institute Biblical Studies course here.

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