Southern Evangelical Seminary Student Government Association Welcomes Edward Feser on April 19




Southern Evangelical Seminary Student Government Association Welcomes Edward Feser on April 19

Pasadena City College Professor of Philosophy Is Well-Known Thomist


CHARLOTTE, N.C.—The Student Government Association of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, will welcome well-known Thomist Dr. Edward Feser to campus for a special event on April 19.

“We are honored when nationally and internationally known speakers and scholars visit Southern Evangelical Seminary to share their wisdom, research and expertise with our students and campus community,” said SES President and Evangelical leader Dr. Richard Land. “Dr. Edward Feser is a renowned authority on the work and writings of Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), whose philosophy and theology remains highly influential today. SES continually strives to make available experts in their fields who will challenge and inform our students, as they embark on their own educational journeys.”

Feser is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California, and has been a Visiting Assistant Professor at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and a Visiting Scholar at the Social Philosophy and Policy Center at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of California at Santa Barbara, an M.A. in religion from the Claremont Graduate School, and a B.A. in philosophy and religious studies from the California State University at Fullerton.

Called by National Review “one of the best contemporary writers on philosophy,” Feser is the author of “On Nozick,” “Philosophy of Mind,” “Locke,” “The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism,” “Aquinas,” “Scholastic Metaphysics: A Contemporary Introduction,” “Neo-Scholastic Essays” and “Five Proofs of the Existence of God,” as well as many academic articles. He is also the editor of “The Cambridge Companion to Hayek” and “Aristotle on Method and Metaphysics.” His primary academic research interests are in metaphysics, natural theology, the philosophy of mind, and moral and political philosophy.

Feser also writes on politics, culture, and religion from a conservative point of view. His work has appeared in such publications as The American, The American Conservative, Catholic World Report, City Journal, The Claremont Review of Books, Crisis, First Things, Liberty, National Review, New Oxford Review, Public Discourse, Reason and TCS Daily. Feser lives in Los Angeles with his wife and six children.

The SES event on April 19 (time to be announced) is free for students to attend, $15 for the Alumni Association and $40 for general admission. Contact or call (704) 847-5600 ext. 232 for Alumni Association pricing. Students may contact or call (704) 847-5600 ext. 235. Learn more about the Edward Feser event and purchase general admission tickets here.

SES has also announced that the 2018 National Conference on Christian Apologetics will focus on the theme of “The God Who Is.” On Oct. 12-13, the seminary will welcome top thinkers, scholars, authors, apologists and scientific minds, including Ravi Zacharias, to its 25th annual conference, which will be held at Calvary Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Read more about Southern Evangelical Seminary and SES President Dr. Richard Land, as well as his radio feature, “Bringing Every Thought Captive,” which airs on nearly 800 stations nationwide, here.

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