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Stephen E. Strang for Todd Starnes.com: Trump’s Re-election May be In Jeopardy Unless New Trump Voters Turn Out

By Stephen E. Strang for ToddStarnes.com

The 2020 election will be critical and historic. What Donald Trump offers the country if reelected is a chance to hold back the Democratic forces of evil, the ability to change the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary for a generation, the opportunity for long-term economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the additional time needed to further expose and battle the Washington establishment and deep state. One of the major obstacles to Trump’s reelection will be voter fraud and ballot harvesting at unprecedented levels, such as what took place in Orange County, California, during the 2018 election.

The global establishment will hit Trump with everything in its vast financial and political arsenal during his reelection bid. This time around, COVID-19 provides a convenient opportunity to blame the need for mail-in balloting on social distancing and the fear of catching and spreading the coronavirus. Trump, who has empowered and inspired an increased worldwide awareness of the importance of national sovereignty, will be singled out for vengeance.

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