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Stephen E. Strang for Townhall | A War of Worldviews

By Stephen E. Strang for Townhall.com | Image from Townhall

What happens when worldviews collide? There may be no better example than the controversy that passes for legislation in the nation’s capital today. The two-party system of government is adversarial by nature, providing a vehicle for voters with differing opinions and beliefs to take sides with the political party that best represents their interests. But in recent years the philosophical divide has grown deeper and more entrenched, and despite frequent calls for bipartisanship from beleaguered voters, that’s the last thing most voters actually want.

Today’s Republican and Democratic parties represent such highly polarized points of view about almost everything that there is little hope of finding common ground, which means that enacting legislation—or confirming Supreme Court nominees—agreeable to both sides is next to impossible. This is obviously the case in the budget battles and threats of government shutdown that occur now with predictable regularity. Disagreements over issues such as immigration, abortion, gun control, taxes, health care, entitlements, the environment and much more have pushed the parties further and further apart and created deep-seated hostility in Congress and in communities all over America. In my own extended family, some relatives refuse to speak to other family members who support President Donald Trump. You’ve likely experienced the same thing in your family. Continue reading…