Stephen Strang: Amidst Ongoing Election Woes, ‘Aftershocks’ of Trump’s Agenda Will Continue

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Stephen Strang: Amidst Ongoing Election Woes, ‘Aftershocks’ of Trump’s Agenda Will Continue

Strang’s New Book ‘Trump Aftershock’ Explores President’s Seismic Impact on Culture—And What the Future Looks Like Post-Election

ORLANDO, Fla.—The House may have flipped to Democrat control last week, and even with the aftermath of the election that some are disputing, political analysts say the effects of President Donald Trump’s agenda—such as a robust economy, increased jobs, lower taxes, strong foreign policy, a supported military and protected borders—will be long-lasting.

Stephen E. Strang, a best-selling author who released his newest book on Election Day, calls these effects “aftershocks.”

“As I say in my book, ‘Trump Aftershock,’ the biggest aftershock from the 2016 presidential election may be that the American people have wised up under Donald Trump’s tutelage,” Strang said. “Most Americans no longer trust the ‘fake news’ mainstream media or their so-called ‘experts.’ We’re all skeptics now. We get our news from multiple and alternative sources. We don’t need liberal pundits to interpret the facts for us any longer. With good information from objective sources, we can do that for ourselves now.”

Released on Election Day, “Trump Aftershock” explores the “president’s seismic impact on culture and faith in America” and uncovers unreported facts while objectively helping readers understand what the nation’s most unlikely and unconventional president has accomplished, including a featured section on these advancements called “500 Days of American Greatness.”

“It’s no secret that the mainstream media don’t report the news anymore,” Strang added. “Good news about our thriving economy or the fact that Trump’s policies are giving American business a much-needed boost is apparently too much to expect. Instead, the news is all about Trump’s perceived failings, 24 hours a day, while ignoring the news people really need to know. And the ratings of news networks show this, which is a sign that the public is a lot more discerning these days and the complacency of the American people is gone forever.”

For example, while many of Trump’s detractors may still be reveling in the Dem wins on Tuesday, Strang says Trump actually came out a winner, as evidenced by these numbers:

  • Trump lost 26 seats in the House but gained three seats in the Senate, not only maintaining but strengthening Republican control.
  • In the midterm election of his first term, former president Barack Obama lost 63 seats in the House and nine in the Senate in 2010.
  • At the same point of his presidency in 1994, Bill Clinton lost 54 seats in the House and nine in the Senate.
  • Even Ronald Reagan in his first term in 1982 lost 26 seats in the House and broke even in the Senate.

When Americans look across the broad spectrum of Trump accomplishments, the president has, for the most part, lived up to his billing, the author said.

“He is a fighter,” Strang said, “and he wants to restore the honor and prestige of the United States around the world. His critics claim he’s just a self-serving businessman with no knowledge of politics, the economy or diplomacy. He has so little knowledge of foreign affairs, they said, he’ll end up getting us into World War III. But when he made his first diplomatic visits to Israel, Europe, China, the Middle East and later the summit in Singapore, most cheered him as a hero. He spoke in Saudi Arabia, Paris and Warsaw, and made headlines at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, where he spelled out his pro-business agenda to the home turf of the international elites. The media did their best to downplay his success on the world stage, but it was obvious the president was doing an amazing job.”

Strang has recorded a ready-to-air Q&A interview with insights such as the above. In it, he answers the most probing questions about his interviews with Donald Trump (Strang has interviewed four U.S. presidents over his career). Click here to see the questions and download the audio files of Strang’s answers, or contact Jeff Tolson at for information about airing all or part of the recording on your station.

Stephen E. Strang is the best‐selling author of “God and Donald Trump,” which was brandished by the president during his appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in 2018. The CEO and founder of Charisma Media, Strang was voted by Time magazine as one of the most influential Evangelicals in America. He has traveled to more than 50 countries, has interviewed four U.S. presidents, and has been featured on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CBN, Dr. James Dobson’s “Family Talk” and The Daily Caller.

“Trump Aftershock” is published by FrontLine, an imprint of Charisma House, which has published books that challenge, encourage, teach and equip Christians, including 14 New York Times best-sellers.