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Stop the Marxist Makeover of the U.S. Military

Chemnitz, Germany 11-12-2022. Karl Marx Monument
By Frank Gaffney, Secure Freedom Radio for TOWNHALL

It’s time we face an unpalatable reality. Nothing less than the national security of the United States hangs in the balance.

The truth is we are in the midst of the third Obama-Biden administration. The cumulative damage is incalculable as we are reaping the whirlwind of having elected in 2008 Barack Obama – a man who, in a moment of hubris-driven candor on the eve of his first presidential election, declared the incipient “fundamental transformation” of America.

As president, Obama did as much as he could get away with to morph the nation. Domestic policies eroded our constitutional order and the freedoms it guarantees. Remember his pronouncement that “I have a phone and a pen,” his pretext for taking actions he had previously acknowledged he could not legally do?

Among the worst of his enduring legacies is that, far from being the promised post-racial president, Obama deliberately and repeatedly exacerbated race-relations.

Obama-Biden 1.0 and 2.0 pursued foreign policies characterized by appeasement and emboldening of foreign enemies that dangerously diminished our nation’s standing in the world.  They brought us, for example: “apology tours;” unenforced red-lines; and disastrous initiatives like the Iran nuclear deal, embracing the Muslim Brotherhood which led to the toppling of friendly, if imperfect, Mideast regimes and acceding to the Chinese Communists’ seizure of atolls that would, in short order, be turned into bastions for their controlling the strategic South China Sea.

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