Summer Youth Camp from Alex McFarland and Truth for a New Generation Will Help Young People Stand ‘Unashamed’ for Christ

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Summer Youth Camp from Alex McFarland and Truth for a New Generation Will Help Young People Stand ‘Unashamed’ for Christ

July 29 to Aug. 2 Week at Camp Cale Will Immerse High Schoolers in Biblical Truth and Help Students ‘Go Deeper with God’

GREENSBORO, N.C.—A significant survey last fall discovered—alarmingly—that, by large measure, Americans’ beliefs about spiritual issues are purely a “matter of personal opinion.” 

If this is the sentiment of American adults, think of how much truer this may be for America’s youth, who are still forming opinions and philosophies on life, says religion and culture expert, author and radio host Dr. Alex McFarland.

The State of Theology survey from LifeWay Research and Ligonier Ministries touched on a variety of topics, including the nature of God, truth, sin, the Bible, worship, and one of the biggest moral issues of our times—homosexuality. Researchers say the data highlights an “urgent need for sound Biblical teaching and the bold preaching of the Gospel.” 

McFarland couldn’t agree more—especially for America’s youth. For this reason, McFarland has dedicated his life to evangelizing youth and talking with tens of thousands of young people each year about giving their lives to Christ. Through Truth for a New Generation Ministries, sponsored by Liberty University, McFarland hosts national and regional conferences that aim to help students, parents, youth pastors and community members lift up this young generation, pray for them and empower them to stand strong in their faith.

“The modern culture has skewed away from the traditional Gospel message and continues to radically deviate from the biblical precepts on morality, marriage, and the appropriate expression of human sexuality,” McFarland said. “And this is especially true of America’s young people. Either Jesus is right about Himself being the only way to God, or He was wrong. Jesus taught that nothing in God’s Word cease to be true at some future point, and that not even the smallest details would fail to come to pass. Clearly, people today need to reshape their subjective opinions into solid beliefs that are in conformity to God’s objective revelation. Our fervent prayer is that Truth for a New Generation does just that for America’s youth.”

This summer, McFarland will work to reach young people in a powerful way during the Truth for a New Generation “Unashamed” Youth Camp. Set for July 29 through Aug. 2 at Camp Cale in Hertford, North Carolina, the camp for ninth- through 12th-graders will allow high-schoolers to invest five days to “Go Deeper with God.”

Participants will attend apologetics and Christian worldview sessions; enjoy excellent camp facilities and activities, such as a ropes course, kayaking and more; worship through music and connect through small group mentoring; as well as make lifelong memories.

Besides McFarland, daily worship and teaching will be led by Meeke Addison, American Family Radio host of “Urban Family Talk” and a pro-family activist; Andy Lawrenson, a student and ministry teams pastor; and Daniel Ritchie, speaker and author of “My Affliction for His Glory.” For more information or to register for the Youth Apologetics Camp, click here.

Concerning the results of the State of Theology, and as evidence for the need for “sound Biblical teaching” and “bold preaching,” McFarland pointed to some of the survey responses:

  • Among Evangelical Christians, 53% agree this statement is true: Everyone sins a little, but most people are basically good.
  • Also among Evangelical Christians, God accepts the worship of all religions, not just Christianity but also Islam and Judaism—52% agree.
  • One-third of evangelical Christians also say religious belief is a matter of personal opinion rather than objective truth.
  • Among millennials, 53% agree that the Bible, like all sacred writings, contains helpful accounts
    of ancient myths but is not literally true, while another 52% say the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality doesn’t apply today.

“The American church is largely a toothless tiger—and tame as a kitten,” McFarland said. “We are living in a time that is witnessing the rise of Islam, atheism, militant secularism, the mainstreaming of homosexuality, the governmental embrace of gender fluidity, and the growth of cults and false religions. Addiction to porn is ending marriages, and addictions to opioids, heroin and other drugs are ending countless young lives.

“Is it always easy to ‘lay the cards on the table’ and proclaim hard truth?” he continued. “Will everyone pat you on the back when you say things they need to hear, but perhaps do not want to hear? No and no. But this is what the Body of Christ has been left here for: To be a witness to God’s saving truth. In Greek, the New Testament word for ‘witness’ is ‘martyr.’ The bleak stats above remind us that it is time to die to our silence, die to our fears, and die to our disobedience.”

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