Target Makes Another Big Announcement to Regain Lost Revenues and Departed Customers




Target Makes Another Big Announcement to Regain Lost Revenues and Departed Customers

American Family Association Knows Where to Find 1.5 Million Lost Shoppers


TUPELO, Miss.—Target has certainly been making headlines lately, as the embattled retailer claws at ways to bring shoppers back to stores after a year of falling stock prices, decreased revenues and dwindling foot traffic.

Target’s latest decision is to offer a company-wide minimum wage of $15 over the next several years, reported the Associated Press. The chain’s minimum wage will increase to $11 per hour starting next month and will jump $4 more by the end of 2020. The retailer says the move will help recruit and retain staff and provide a better shopping experience for its customers.

But will it be enough? That’s the question being asked by American Family Association (AFA,, whose 1.5 million-signature-strong #BoycottTarget initiative over the company’s dangerous and misguided restroom and fitting room policy has made headlines for about 18 months. AFA has been reminding shoppers not to spend their money at Target—neither in-store nor online—as a way to voice their displeasure over the policy that Target announced in April 2016.

“Is seems as though Target is grasping at any straw that will help ease the anxiety of stockholders, regain revenues and bring shoppers back to stores,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “But wages, prices and new lines of home goods are not the answer. Target has not once mentioned how the safety of women and children is being compromised by its open-door restroom and fitting room policy that allows predators access to their victims. The American Family Association knows how to win back 1.5 million lost customers—make a commitment to something other than wages and sales. Instead, commit to the safety of shoppers.”

Already this fall, Target has made several attempts to turn around a dismal year, also announcing it was increasing holiday hiring by 40 percent, lowering prices on thousands of items and introducing a line of home goods from HGTV “Fixer Upper” hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines, who have taken heat from their conservative fans for partnering with the retailer.

To continue strong in the #BoycottTarget efforts, AFA is urging several action steps for those who want to hold Target accountable for their irresponsible missteps when it comes to the safety of women and children:

  • Spread the word among family and friends to let them know about #BoycottTarget.
  • FORWARD THE BOYCOTT to others who may have not yet signed.
  • Call Target headquarters at 612-304-6073 and personally let them know you are boycotting their stores.
  • UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA: Make a comment onTarget’s Facebook page or share this tweet on Twitter: Hey @Target, men don’t belong in women’s restrooms and changing areas. #BoycottTarget And use #BoycottTarget


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