Tax Reform Will Pave Way to Strong Economy

Tax Reform Will Pave Way to Strong Economy

The U.S. economy, says financial expert and nationally syndicated radio and television host Dan Celia, is on the verge of real growth, provided that certain policies remain a priority.

“If we want a real, sustainable rise in the markets to continue, we must forge ahead with tax reform,” Celia wrote in a recent op-ed for, where he is a regular contributor. “If we want jobs to grow, we need tax reform. Real full employment? Tax reform is the answer. Labor participation rates climbing to 21st-century levels will be a result of tax reform. Real growth in wages, increased retail sales, return of the 40-hour workweek and a reduction in the part-time workforce—all from tax reform.”

Celia also added that although many are attempting to slash President Donald Trump’s approval rating, none of it will matter under a strong economy.

“There is a large group out there, including most of mainstream media, whose goal is to peck away at this president’s approval rating,” Celia said. “Maybe, to a certain extent, that is working, but when the economy is through the roof, when GDP growth is happening, when people are paying lower taxes, when there’s more money coming into the government, when there is real tax reform from the corporate sector, when corporations are moving to America, when jobs are being created at record levels, and when we see a labor participation rate for the 21st century—when all of those things happen, it doesn’t matter what mainstream media does.”

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