Tennessee Pastors Network Applauds Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee for Advocating Against Vaccine Passports

April 8, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn.— Earlier this week,Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee joined many Republicans nationwide to fight against COVID-19 vaccine passports, which are being developed in some areas of the country to encourage inoculations in order for people to travel, shop and participate in other activities.

Currently, vaccine passports — which show whether someone has been vaccinated or recently tested negative for COVID-19 — exist only in New York via a government-sponsored smartphone app produced in partnership with a private company. But Republicans nationwide are pursuing proposals to ban their use as a restriction against people’s activities.

Pastor Dale Walker, president of the Tennessee Pastors Network,(TNPN, www.tnpastors.net) is applauding Tennessee Governor Bill Lee for his decision. “These vaccine passports are just another example in a long list of freedoms that the liberal left is trying to take away from Americans – requiring vaccination passports is dangerously similar to the Chinese Social Credit System. We applaud Governor Bill Lee for his strength and convictions for standing up for what is right and advocating for his constituents.”

Pastor Walker further stated that forcing individuals to carry a vaccine passport sets a very dangerous precedent. “Many Christians are gravely concerned about what is in this vaccine and we have a right to be concerned about what chemicals they want to inject into our bodies and if the vaccine has any links to aborted baby tissues. We should have the right to refuse any vaccine without the loss of any of our freedoms. I am very thankful that Governor Lee is leaving this decision up to the individual. If we lose the right of what they want to inject into our bodies, we will become nothing but lab rats for Big Pharma.”           

TNPN is a state chapter of the American Pastors Network (APN, www.americanpastorsnetwork.net),the largest national network dedicated to equipping pastors to be a voice for truth in the public square.

TNPN and APN offer pastors numerous online resources that help clergy choose sermon topics and find information for other church ministries. With some free and some paid resources, topics include abortion, apologetics, creation, the culture crisis, economics, education, the environment, history, homosexuality, Islam and marriage, along with many others.

The Tennessee Pastors Network encourages pastors to bring together biblical and constitutional principles in their sermons and provides resources to pastors throughout the state. For more information on TNPN, visit its website at www.tnpastors.net, its Facebook page or call (931) 260-5301.


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