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Tennessee Pastors Network Leader Returns from Israel After National Security Briefing

TNPN President Dale Walker: We Are Living in Historic Days and Thankful That President Trump Is Standing with Israel in Word and Deed


NASHVILLE—Dr. Ben Graham, vice president of the Tennessee Pastors Network (www.tnpastors.net) and senior pastor of Music City Baptist Church, recently returned from a national security briefing in Israel, where he was updated on many of the safety features that have been implemented to help make Israel a more secure nation.

While there, Graham was also given a tour of the American Consulate and the property that America owns, which is said to be the new site of the embassy. He was also given a briefing and tour of the Israeli military base.

We are living in historic days, and we are very thankful that President Donald Trump is truly standing with Israel in word and deed,” said TNPN President Dale Walker. “Moving the embassy is a wonderful show of support of Israel.”

Graham, along with a group from Christians United for Israel, received great perspective on what is happening in that region of the Middle East.

“While standing on the Golan Heights overlooking Syria, I was amazed to discover how many terrorist groups, still living in that region, are trying to find their way into Israel,” Graham said.

Graham added that during their visit, Israeli citizens, both Palestinian and Jewish, shared with them the importance of the United States’ ongoing relationship with Israel.

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