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The American Family Association for Townhall: The Phyllis Schlafly ‘Mrs. America’ Wished Was Phyllis Schlafly

By Sandy Rios for Townhall

“Mrs. America,” a new series on FX Hulu, purports to tell the “real story” of the Equal Rights Amendment and Phyllis Schlafly, the woman who single-handedly led its defeat. Cate Blanchett, producer and star of the series, is beautiful like Phyllis—though not as beautiful. Blanchett has captured the cadence of Phyllis’ voice—the public speaking style, but not the soft graciousness. So even in private conversations with her family, Cate’s Phyllis is making a speech—only softer.

But, OK, one can do an admirable job of imitation that falls short but is forgivable. The unforgiveable is the insidious and ignorant twist she gives to Phyllis’ character: Devious, manipulative, selfish for starters. Blanchett’s Phyllis is flirtatious when it suits her—ingenuine about her own family life, ambitious and arrogant. THIS is the Phyllis Schlafly the Left wishes was Phyllis Schlafly.

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