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The American Pastors Network for CNSNews.com: Tender Daffodils Remind that Even When Our Protections Are Taken Away, We Can Still Bloom

By Sam Rohrer for CNSNews.com

This morning the Lord brought a practical illustration to my mind that I trust will help to encourage you as it did me—from just a little thing in life. In my pastor’s devotional, he reminded us of the practical application of Ecclesiastes 3:1, where Solomon the preacher wisely said, “for everything there is a season.” Indeed, that is true. In everything God’s hand is evident, His power can be seen and His Truth clear, His timing and planning perfect—if we but open our eyes and see.

On Friday, I was outside raking leaves, trimming berry bushes and enjoying the sunshine of God’s creation. In our front flowerbed is the bird bath. Last fall, I removed the basin from the pedestal and leaned it against the well casing to protect it during the freezing and thawing of winter. I was ready to put the basin back on the pedestal when I noticed that peeking from behind the basin were green daffodil tips that looked like all the other strong and blooming plants around it. I was excited that perhaps behind this cement basin I would find a large clump of healthy and ready-to-bloom daffodils. So I proceeded to pick up the cement bird bath basin and, to my amazement, there was a very large clump of daffodils with the tips in bud waiting to bloom in a few days.

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