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The Cure to Loneliness Is What We Are Told to Reject

By Walker Wildmon for THE CHRISTIAN POST

We are living in the middle of a tragic irony in America today.

Despite being the most connected generation in the history of civilization thanks to the internet, smartphones, and social media, today’s generation is also the loneliest and most depressed generation in recorded history. Multiple studies have found this to be true in recent years. So perhaps it’s no wonder that depression, mental health issues, violence, and gender-identity confusion are all skyrocketing among today’s youth.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking — and that’s only half of the irony. Here’s the worst part of it:  The very thing that would CURE our society of these deep-seated wounds is also the very thing our society rejects the most: strong families.

Strong families change everything. They bring accountability, stability, and security to a fallen humanity desperate for these qualities. They’re not easy to build and maintain. Families take work. But the work is always worth it. Because without the essential God-ordained building block of the family, society crumbles into justifying immoral chaos.

And tragically, immoral chaos is a perfect way to describe 2023 America.

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