The God of the Universe is ‘The God Who Speaks’—New Film Debuts at SES Apologetics Conference in October


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June 27, 2017


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The God of the Universe is ‘The God Who Speaks’—New Film Debuts at Southern Evangelical Seminary Apologetics Conference in October

American Family Association Movie Addresses the Authority of Scripture, Followed by Debate Between Richard Howe and Dan Barker; SES Conference Early Bird Deadline Ends Aug. 1

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—The God of the universe is a God who speaks, and it’s this divine self-expression that sustains creation and reveals the thoughts of God to humanity through the pages of the Bible.

But how do we know the Bible is the Word of God and not merely the words of men?

Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES,, which for 25 years has been educating Christians about how to best defend their beliefs, will explore this powerful question at the 24th annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics in October through the world premiere of the American Family Association (AFA) film “The God Who Speaks.” Conference attendees will be among the first to view the documentary.

One of the largest events of its kind, the conference will focus on the timely theme of “Pursuing a Faith That Thinks,” and the two-day event will delve into headline-making topics on Oct. 13-14 at Calvary Church in Charlotte, N.C.

“Southern Evangelical Seminary is honored that the American Family Association, celebrating its 40th year this summer, chose to debut its new film, ‘The God Who Speaks,’ at the 24th annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics,” said SES President and Evangelical leader Dr. Richard Land. “And it’s significant that SES conference attendees will be the first in the world to watch and consider the film. For a quarter of a century, SES has helped believers defend their faith, teaching Christians of all ages to know what they believe and why they believe it. AFA’s film is an integral part of this education process, and we are excited about this partnership that brings together two organizations whose mission is to equip and empower Christians to spread the Good News of Christ.”

The American Family Association describes “The God Who Speaks” as a powerful feature-length documentary that explores the evidence of the Bible’s inspiration and authority through some of the most highly respected voices within evangelicalism. The film answers some common objections and observes the effects of denying biblical authority, as well as intends to reveal the trustworthiness of the Bible’s claims. A tool to use for decades to come, “The God Who Speaks” will help many of today’s biblically illiterate Christians defend their faith in a culture that is often hostile to Christianity.

On the first evening of the SES conference (Oct. 13), “The God Who Speaks” film will debut in two parts, from 2:45-3:45 p.m. and from 4-5 p.m. Conference participants will have a chance to reflect on the film over dinner, then attend a special AFA-sponsored debate from 7-9 p.m. between Richard Howe and Dan Barker titled, “Is There a God Who Speaks?SES will honor its past presidents just before the debate from 6:30-7 p.m.

An SES Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics, Richard Howe earned a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Arkansas. He is a contributing writer for the Christian Apologetics Journal, has contributed to several apologetics books, and speaks widely at churches, conferences and university campuses on issues concerning Christian apologetics and philosophy. Howe is president of the International Society of Christian Apologetics and holds a bachelor’s degree from Mississippi College, a master’s degree from the University of Mississippi and a Ph.D. from the University of Arkansas. He co-authored with SES co-founder Dr. Norman Geisler “The Religion of the Force.”

A self-proclaimed Christian evangelist by age 15, Dan Barker received a degree in religion from Azusa Pacific University and was ordained to the ministry by the Standard Community Church, California, in 1975. He preached for 19 years and maintained a music ministry. Barker gradually “outgrew” his religious beliefs; “If I had limited myself to Christian authors, I’d still be a Christian today,” Barker says. “I just lost faith in faith.” He announced his atheism publicly in January 1984 and tells his story in “Losing Faith in Faith” and “Godless.” Barker was elected co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation in 2004, co-hosts Freethought Radio and is a contributing editor of Freethought Today. He travels the world giving lectures, performing concerts and participating in debates.

The two-day SES conference will also welcome the nation’s top apologists, who will give the thousands in attendance new presentations on studies, research, history and insight into apologetics and other intellectual, scientific and religious fields. In addition to Land and Geisler, confirmed speakers include Michael Brown, Gary Habermas, Ken Ham, Greg Koukl, J.P. Moreland, Jay Richards, Hugh Ross, Frank Turek and J. Warner Wallace, along with many others.

Read more about Southern Evangelical Seminary and SES President Dr. Richard Land, as well as his radio feature, “Bringing Every Thought Captive,” which airs on nearly 800 stations nationwide, here.

For more information on SES, visit its web site at or its Facebook page, follow the SES Twitter feed, @sesapologetics, or call (800) 77-TRUTH.


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