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‘The Most Disturbing Thing on TV’

And It’s Geared Toward Our Children; American Family Association and Parents Television Council Join Other Family Organizations to Stop Netflix’s ‘13 Reasons Why’

TUPELO, Miss.—The American Family Association (AFA, www.afa.net) says that Netflix’s series “13 Reasons Why” is the most disturbing thing on TV. And America’s children are the target audience.

Despite pleas from pro-family groups, such as AFA and the Parents Television Council (PTC), to cancel the second season of “13 Reasons Why,” Netflix released all 13 episodes May 18 and recently renewed the series for season three as well.

Season one of “13 Reasons Why” focused on the graphic suicide of teenager Hannah Baker, who slits her wrists in a bathtub full of water. Her decision to end her life is explained through a collection of cassette tapes that she leaves behind. Season two picks up months after Hannah’s suicide, and characters are seen dealing with the aftermath of her death. This time, the focus is sexual assault, and suicide takes a back seat. But, sadly, the filth and gratuitous content from season one is only exacerbated in season two, writes AFA in an Action Alert to its more than 1 million friends and supporters.

“Both seasons have received mixed reviews—some praising the writers and creators for their efforts to address taboo topics and bring awareness to sensitive and relevant issues such as mental illness, teen suicide, substance abuse and sexual assault, while others are calling for the series to be removed from Netflix because of the detrimental effect it is having on young people and their families,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon.

Take, for example, the Bright family from Alabaster, Alabama. Fourteen-year-old Anna Bright committed suicide after binge-watching the first season of “13 Reasons Why.” She patterned her suicide after Hannah Baker’s. Bella Herndon and Priscilla Chiu, both 15-year-olds from California, also took their own lives after watching the first season, as did a 23-year-old Peruvian man who also left behind recordings. More recently, a Florida mother blamed the series for her daughter’s suicide attempt on Mother’s Day, reported Fox News.

But if these reports are not convincing enough, AFA’s Rebecca Grace has written a compelling blog post that exposes the dark, disturbing and demonic content found in season two of “13 Reasons Why.”

Leading up to the June 6 Netflix shareholder meeting, AFA and PTC called on pro-family leaders and organizations to individually and collectively speak out against Netflix for intentionally marketing this program to children. Season two of “13 Reasons Why” contains some of the most graphic, anti-social, drug-infused, sexually violent and nihilistic content ever produced for television. Severe bullying even leads to a planned school shooting that is thwarted at the last minute.

In all, a dozen organizations thus far have come together to issue statements on the series, including both national and international.

“As parents, grandparents and members of our communities, we must do all we can to help stop this series,” Wildmon added.

AFA is encouraging those concerned to use their voice to be part of the solution, rather than remain silent and ignore the problem.

  1. Sign the petition to Netflix demanding the streaming giant pull both seasons of “13 Reasons Why.”
  2. Learn more about the dangers of “13 Reasons Why by reading the cautionary post on AFA’s blog site, The Stand.
  3. Share the “13 Reasons Why” Action Alert with family, friends and church members, especially those who have children at home.

Visit the AFA’s Action Alert on “13 Reasons Why” and view the article about the Bright family in AFA Journal. Read PTC’s warning to parents and schools about “13 Reasons Why” here.

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