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The Simple Tool That Will Help Save Girls from FGM

By Elizabeth Yore for Townhall.com | Image from Townhall

Law enforcement now employs sophisticated cybercrime fighting tools to root out criminal conduct. Police use modern DNA technology to catch criminals, sophisticated digital camera imaging to solve crimes, and employ digital footprints and algorithms to track down child pornographers or cyber felons. Cyber forensics crack the complex code of global criminal activity and organizations. Yet, there are some crimes that do not lend themselves to cyber solutions.

The unique and covert nature of global trafficking of child female genital mutilation (FGM) victims introduces a baffling challenge for law enforcement interdiction. While not a sophisticated crime, the familial and secretive nature of the crime of FGM requires ingenious and enterprising crime-fighting tactics. The victims are young, threatened into silence, and powerless. Perpetrators and organizers of the mutilation of little girls’ genitals are often parents and relatives, thus making crime-solving difficult for police. Little girls are often taken overseas to their home country for this brutal procedure called “vacation cutting.” The modern challenge for law enforcement is how to prevent this ancient practice. Continue reading…