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The Pastor and the Persecuted Christians

By Keith Wiebe | American Pastors Network for The Christian Post | Image from The Christian Post

Many Christians, especially those living under the severe religious restrictions experienced by 75 percent of the world’s population, are being persecuted today because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Yet, most pastors are strangely silent about the suffering of their brothers and sisters in Christ.

Therefore, it was a bit unusual when a layman opened a morning worship service by praying for persecuted Christians around the world. It is unfortunately not the norm for these brothers and sisters in Christ to be remembered in prayer in an American worship service. Yet it also seemed appropriate. As the service progressed, it became apparent that it is not unusual for this local church to be sensitive to the plight of the persecuted Christians. The pastor, in his pastoral prayer, also prayed for these believers. He was setting the example for his church by bringing the needs of persecuted Christians before the throne of grace. Continue reading…