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The Question More Couples Should Be Asking About Their Marriage

Faithful Christians need to look beyond themselves and remember that ‘the purpose of every aspect of our lives is to bring glory to God’


The most adventurous road trip I have taken with my wife, Terrie, without a doubt, was to Nicaragua.

I had been invited to preach in churches that were planted by a missionary and consult on starting a Bible college for Nicaraguan pastors. Because of the instability of the country, our church deacons recommended that we bring with us two men who were experienced police officers with a background in military reconnaissance.

On the morning of this adventure-fated day, we distributed food to residents who lived just outside the citywide dump on the outskirts of Managua and also visited a church about 500 yards away. We then headed into the mountains to the city of Matagalpa in a van with a hired driver about 50 yards behind a lead car. As we approached a bridge spanning the Rio Grande de Matagalpa, the lead car radioed that we should hold our position because there was trouble on the bridge. Continue reading…