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Ryan Bomberger: ‘Biden and the Democratic Party now want a dystopian world where the government forces taxpayer-funded, unlimited and unaccountable abortion on society’

October 24, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a bid to sway more favor from the pro-abortion Left in the upcoming General Election, President Biden announced his intention to enshrine abortion into law next year if Democrats win control of Congress. During a Democratic National Committee (DNC) event in downtown Washington, D.C., Biden stated, “The first bill that I will send to Congress will be to codify Roe v. Wade” after the election. Calling the upcoming General Election “the most consequential election in our history,” Biden’s pro-abortion agenda aims to reintroduce Roe v. Wade by the end of January, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the 1973 ruling.

Ryan Bomberger, chief creative officer and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation (Radiance, www.radiance.life), is an author, factivist, public speaker, columnist, and passionate voice in the fight for the rights of the unborn. Bomberger believes that every life, planned or unplanned, has God-given purpose, despite the lies of an abortion industry that crushes purpose thousands of times a day. Regarding Biden’s grotesque determination to legalize unlimited abortion nationwide, Bomberger pointed out the larger far-left agenda and how abortion is just the first step.

“If there were ever an example of abject failure of leadership, the Biden administration represents it on every level,” Bomberger stated. “Biden, an alleged practicing Catholic, defies Catholicism’s teachings on human dignity, sexuality and compassion at every turn. The Democratic Party, eternally hell-bent on separating people by color, socioeconomic class, gender (obliterating our binary biology), religion, and within families (e.g. the war on parental rights), is proudly proclaiming its extremist pro-abortion propaganda. We’ve just emerged from a pandemic where Americans lost loved ones, businesses, jobs, savings, and federal leadership that made protecting human life a priority. There is, and was, no ‘right to abortion’ in the Constitution; the Supreme Court made that abundantly clear. Biden isn’t trying to ‘codify Roe’, a supremely wrong ruling he once declared ‘went too far.’ He and the Democratic Party are trying to institute law that goes so far beyond what even Roe allowed. They now want a dystopian world where the government forces taxpayer-funded, unlimited and unaccountable abortion on society, erasing every single pro-life state law across the country. The Party of Slavery’s DNA has never changed. They still see many human beings as non-persons undeserving of the Constitution’s protections — including mothers and their unborn children. And they’ll fight this cultural war despite the massive casualties — 64 million and counting.”

The Radiance Foundation is a faith-based, educational, life-affirming 501c3 nonprofit organization. Through creative ad campaigns, powerful multimedia presentations, fearless journalism, and compassionate community outreaches, The Radiance Foundation affirms that every human life has God-given purpose. Radiance has helped to lead congressional briefings and summits on Capitol Hill on abortion, adoption, and racism, as well as spoken to thousands of students on campuses around the world including Harvard, Trinity College, Princeton University, University of Notre Dame, Mizzou, Columbia Law School, Penn State University, Eureka College, and Arizona State University, among others.

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