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Ryan Bomberger: “Nothing Says ‘Freedom’ Like Elected Leaders Demanding the Censorship of Views (and Facts) with Which They Disagree”

September 21, 2021

WASHINGTON D.C. — In a controversial move, New York Governor Kathy Hochul has reached out to Facebook and asked them to censor any information about abortion that does not conform to her pro-abortion agenda. Hochul reportedly asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to “take additional action to curb the spread of this misinformation, as Facebook has with information related to COVID-19, vaccines, and voting rights.” Claiming that Texas’ recent pro-life abortion mandate that bans abortions after six weeks (known as SB8) is a “travesty,” Hochul’s bold moves have received praise from pro-abortion lobbyists but outrage from conservative circles.

Ryan Bomberger, chief creative officer and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation (Radiance, www.theradiancefoundation.org), recently remarked on this shocking declaration from the New York governor. Nothing says ‘freedom’ like elected leaders demanding the censorship of views (and facts) with which they disagree,” Bomberger stated. “Sadly, Governor Hochul isn’t much of an upgrade from radically pro-abortion disgraced former governor Andrew Cuomo. Hochul apparently hasn’t been following the news. Facebook and other Big Tech companies have been censoring, suppressing and de-platforming pro-life views and organizations for years. The self-proclaimed Titans of Tolerance have zero tolerance for the facts. The pro-abortion Left is the source of widespread misinformation, starting with the denial of the most basic biological fact that human life begins at fertilization.”

The Radiance Foundation is a faith-based, educational, life-affirming 501c3 nonprofit organization. Through creative ad campaigns, powerful multimedia presentations, fearless journalism, and compassionate community outreaches, The Radiance Foundation affirms that every human life has God-given purpose. Radiance has helped to lead congressional briefings and summits on Capitol Hill on abortion, adoption, and racism, as well as spoken to thousands of students on campuses around the world including Harvard, Trinity College, Princeton University, University of Notre Dame, Mizzou, Columbia Law School, Penn State University, Eureka College, and Arizona State University, among others.

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