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The Real Reason Why People Like ‘Jesus Revolution’

By Alex McFarland for CHRISTIAN POST

In light of the astounding success of the new film “Jesus Revolution,” many are wondering why critics and Christians alike are flocking to the theaters in droves to see the film. For one thing, it is a much-needed break from the constant bombardment of increasingly “woke” films and television — many of which have flopped at the box office. However, I believe that the real reason people love this film so much is because we as a country are long overdue for a spiritual revival of our own.

The spiritual revival that the film documents was a powerhouse of spiritual awakening that was felt around the world. A Time magazine cover story (June 21, 1971) was one of the countless examples of coverage devoted to “The Jesus Movement,” which by that time had been building for several years. ABC News did a “Special Report” in 1972, offering documentation and analysis.

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