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The Stress-Free Way to Know God’s Will

(From the blog of Alex McFarland)

Christina had just finished her undergraduate program with a degree in elementary education. She was praying for direction from God for her career. Two offers came in from Christian schools that were several hundred miles apart. The decision-making process turned out to be tougher than Christina anticipated. Either position appeared to represent a good opportunity. Christina reasoned, “They can’t both be a call from God. I have this nagging fear that whichever school I choose I may be getting out of His will.”

Adolescents face plenty of significant decisions: Where should I go to college? What major should I choose? Where will I work? Whom should I marry? What does God want me to do with my life? More than a few Christians have worried that a wrong turn might set their life on a less-than-ideal trajectory. Is there one right choice? Can God reset the dominoes that we knock over by mistake? We’ve all second-guessed ourselves and asked such questions in moments of indecision. Continue reading…