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The Tide® Ministry Has Been Putting Radios into Hands of Believers in India for Past Four Decades

A Radio That Could Reach Individuals, Families or Entire Villages Is Equal to the Cost of a Simple Dinner at a Restaurant Here in the U.S.

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa.—It may be difficult for Americans to imagine having no access to the media channels that play such a huge role in our culture.

But this is exactly the case for many living and working in remote villages in India, where The Tide® (www.thetide.org) global radio ministry has reached listeners with the hope of the Gospel for more than 40 years.

“Most of us are familiar with the phrase in the Bible that is used several times throughout the Gospels: ‘He who has ears, let him hear,’” said The Tide Director Don Shenk. “In India, there are those who truly want to hear the truth of Jesus and learn more about His saving grace, but simply don’t have the opportunity or the means. When a person hears about Christ in the language they were born to speak, it holds so much more meaning. That’s why for more than seven decades, we have strived to record programming in more and more languages around the world, including eight languages in India. But the lack of a radio or media player could be the barrier between a valuable soul in God’s eyes and eternal life.”

For several years, The Tide ministry has spearheaded the “Radios for India” project, where for just $40, the cost of a simple dinner at a restaurant, can be a gateway for individuals, families or entire villages to hear Gospel radio programs in their own language.

“Radio distribution is going on, and it is very helpful and effective in our outreach ministry,” report The Tide partners on the ground in India.

Difficulty lies, however, in both purchasing the radios from the manufacturers and in delivering them to the recipients. But this important project, Shenk says, must continue so more in the extremely populous nation—one that is dominated by Hinduism—can hear about Jesus.

For instance, Dev, a listener from Chhattisgarh state, says his Hindu family is opposed to him listening to the Hindi language program, “Nav Jeevan” from The Tide ministry. But that doesn’t stop him.

“I listen (to) this program regularly and like it very much,” Dev says. “This program gave me new insight and I could know about Jesus Christ.”

For more than seven decades, The Tide ministry has recorded and broadcasted Gospel programming in eight countries on three continents in 25 heart languages spoken by millions of people in multiple regions of Albania, Bhutan, India, Kosovo, Nepal, Nigeria, Thailand and Zimbabwe. With more than 7,000 languages spoken worldwide and more than 2,000 people groups that have been unreached by the Good News of Jesus, the opportunities are tremendous.

For more information about The Tide broadcast projects, history, radio programs around the world, the “Every Knee, Every Tongue” campaign, the “Have You Heard?” initiative, the weekly Global Update radio features or other news, visit its web site at www.thetide.org or its Facebook page. Read more about The Tide ministry and Don Shenk here.