The True Cost of Losing Our Religious Freedom

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The True Cost of Losing Our Religious Freedom

American Pastors Network: Enemies of Freedom Are Awake, While Most Americans—Including Most American Christians—Are Asleep

PHILADELPHIA—The mission of the American Pastors Network’s (APN) radio program, “Stand in the Gap Today,” is to consider news and cultural issues from a biblical and constitutional perspective, offering listeners views they won’t find in the mainstream media.

On a recent program, hosts discussed the crucial issues of freedom of religion and speech, alerting listeners to the threat against these liberties that are so easily taken for granted.

“As leaders within the American Pastors Network remark frequently, freedom is not free and must be defended in every generation,” said APN President and “Stand in the Gap Today” host Sam Rohrer. “Regardless of what some may erroneously believe, freedom is not the default position in nations. Bondage, restriction and control is the norm. Among the most precious constitutional guarantees is the God-given right to freedom of religion and freedom of speech, whose importance is expressed in the First Amendment. Both are under attack in our nation as we speak, and both must be defended, lest we awake to the stark reality that while we slept, the enemy crept in unaware.”

On a recent program, Rohrer shared how certain groups in America who are opposed to freedom of religion and freedom of speech successfully shut down various events, as well as how those concerned about threats to freedom can protect it.

 “Like the proverbial frog in water who refuses to jump out as the water temperature increases because the change happens gradually, so are freedoms lost in nations and are being lost in our nation right now,” Rohrer continued. “Across the broad spectrum of freedoms we’ve come to take for granted, there are increasing attacks. At first, they are only nibbles, the temperature only slightly increased. Then the nibbles become bites. The temperature goes up. At some point the water begins to boil and it’s too late to move. Then that fragile freedom is gone, never to return to that generation. History is replete with examples of such collapse, moving from freedom to bondage.”

Rohrer noted that efforts by atheistic Marxism and communism to undermine and bring about the collapse of the United States and the West has been clear. World wars have been fought, and the nation is in the midst of conflicts now.

“These conflicts and the Nazi-Islamist direct connections in ideology, goals and strategies in the pursuit of worldwide control and bondage continues unabated, though not widely known,” Rohrer added. “Deliberate, stealthily and committed, the enemies of freedom are awake, frightfully, most Americans, including most American Christians, are asleep.”

 In a recent program for the daily, live “Stand in the Gap Today” program, Rohrer, co-hosts and guests explored these topics:

· Connecting the Dots: Islamism and the stealth Wilmington ports deal of 2018
· How fragile is freedom in America at this time?
· Greatest threats to constitutional freedom and freedom of religion and speech in America

  • Listen to the entire show here.

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