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This Mother’s Day, Samaritan Ministries Is Blessed to Be a Part of Growing, Healthy Families

Health Care Sharing Enables Moms and Dads to Focus on Their Children Rather Than on Medical Bills

PEORIA, Ill.—Around the country next week, sons and daughters will be thinking of just the right gift to give their moms for all the love and care they have provided.

Samaritan Ministries International (samaritanministries.org), one of the leading health care sharing ministries in America, is blessed to be an integral part of its 82,000 member families (268,000-plus individuals)—especially as families grow and thrive physically and spiritually.

“The wonderful thing about health care sharing is that it can be a perfect fit for members of all ages: millennials just starting out on their own, young couples who just tied the knot, young parents with toddlers, parents raising teenagers or empty-nesters who are now enjoying being grandparents,” said Anthony Hopp, vice president of external relations for Samaritan Ministries. “Samaritan Ministries is honored to connect our members through a Biblical community and the direct sharing of one another’s needs at all stages of family life.”

Jonathan and Micaela of Kansas said their family has been “so blessed” by Samaritan Ministries.

“We signed up with Samaritan as soon as we got married and less than a year later we had a baby!” they said. “We had a few complications during pregnancy and post-partum that ended us in the ER twice, but, thanks to Samaritan, all our needs were shared and the last thing on our list to worry about was finances. Samaritan has felt like family to us and we are so grateful.”

Jadon and Tundy and their growing family in Indiana also experienced positivity through Samaritan Ministries, even in seemingly negative times.

“You have been such a blessing for our family and we are so thankful, because with five kids there seems to always be something,” they wrote to Samaritan. “We thank God that for the initial 14 years we seldom had to have any doctor visits other than having babies. This past year was very difficult for our family and so many things happened where we were in need of Samaritan’s help. Jadon had surgery, and then Jamin was very sick with salmonella poisoning, which went into his blood and then into his bones. Later, Jadon broke his arm, Alita had the flu, Tundy broke her arm and had to have a surgery, and then Alita stepped onto a rusty nail. On top of it all, we also had around $11,000 worth of dental bills. We felt God’s presence with us through it all, and Samaritan helped us so much with all the financial support!”

Matthew in South Carolina also said Samaritan members were a gift to him and his wife during a challenging stage of life.

“My family and I have been so blessed by Samaritan Ministries,” he said. “When my wife had breast cancer in 2012, the prayers and financial support provided by the members through their faithful sharing was amazing. I’m not sure how we would have coped with insurance.”

Lindsay, a resident of Ohio, was also encouraged and uplifted by Samaritan staff during a difficult time.

“We’ve really been hit hard with illnesses this year,” Lindsay said. “I was overwhelmed at the medical bills we faced and the continued sicknesses we were experiencing. I got on the phone with a Samaritan representative who walked me through starting our needs and submitting bills. Then he asked how each affected member of the family was doing. Then he prayed with me. He prayed for our sicknesses and lifted me and my clerical work up and the stress of handling home, sickness and bills. By the end of his prayer, I was crying and felt so valued and cared for.”

Heather in Minnesota has turned the direct-sharing process with Samaritan Ministries into a valuable lesson for her children.

“There is no better feeling than getting cards and letters in your mailbox from complete strangers who are praying for you,” Heather said. “I also love sending my share each month. I have my kids draw pictures and sometimes send a small little gift in the mail. It’s a great lesson for my kids. Even if my employer were to offer health insurance, I would have a hard time accepting it because I love Samaritan so much. It’s an amazing ministry.”

Each month, Samaritan members send their financial shares directly to other members, along with notes and cards of encouragement, through this effective, God-honoring ministry. Samaritan’s growing Biblical community shares approximately $29 million in medical needs person-to-person each month. In fact, from 2007 through 2017, Samaritan Ministries members shared $1.2 billion in health care needs. Yet Samaritan’s monthly share has never exceeded $495 for a family of any size and is even less for two-person and single-person households.

Learn more about Samaritan Ministries International here; visit the Samaritan website at www.samaritanministries.org, or follow the ministry on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.