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‘Shine Bright 365’ lasts all year and all are encouraged to join!

May 16, 2022

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. Year two of the “Go Dark, Shine Bright” social media blackout was yet another outstanding success, with thousands of people participating around the world who are willing to give up time online so they may witness to people face-to-face. Sponsored by the D. L. Moody Center (moodycenter.org), one of the nation’s top spiritual renewal destinations, the inaugural initiative in 2021 included 20,000 people taking part in the effort to fast social media and share the gospel with others.

James Spencer, president of D. L. Moody Center, stated, “The ‘Go Dark, Shine Bright’ project is a Christian ministry devoted to helping believers give God a central place in their lives, grow their faith, and share the gospel through a conscious approach to social media. Each participant was challenged to share the gospel with five people, resulting in hundreds of thousands hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

“Beginning in a couple of weeks is the D.L. Moody Center ‘Shine Bright 365’ year-long initiative that will challenge God’s people to be and make disciples for Jesus Christ by resisting the temptation to conform to something other than Christ, hearing the voice of God in prayer and Bible study, and doing the work of the gospel.

‘Go Dark, Shine Bright’ is inspired by the famed evangelist D. L. Moody himself, who stated, “In the place God has put us, He expects us to shine, to be living witnesses, to be a bright and shining light. While we are here our work is to shine for Him.”

‘Shine Bright 365’ harnesses the momentum of the ‘Go Dark, Shine Bright’ campaign so participants can continue to shine brightly as a living witness throughout the year. Using a “faith as fitness” approach, it supports partakers to cultivate specific virtues and maintain ongoing commitment to lead a flourishing spiritual life. 

Set up like a fitness app that tracks your personal fitness with a set of daily goals, exercises, and encouragement, ‘Shine Bright 365’ is designed to give ownership and support of an individual’s spiritual growth in “walking by faith, not by sight” in day-to-day life. 

‘Shine Bright 365’ provides access to a series of exercises aimed at helping one deepen, enhance, and expand  love the of God and of others. 

Exercises include: 

These groundbreaking initiatives were inspired by insights into the potentially negative effects of social media on users’ mental health. But while the campaign was designed to give participants a break from social apps, the goal is not to abandon social media entirely, but to encourage thoughtful engagement instead of detachment.

Spencer shared, “The ‘Go Dark, Shine Bright’ and ‘Shine Bright 365’ campaigns were created out of the conviction that the church needs to step away from the world of social media to pray and study. It is not intended to suggest that God’s people should abandon social media altogether. Rather, the campaigns are designed to remind us that, as Christians, we are to be strange in the right ways wherever we are.”

As one participant shared, “The fast has drawn me closer to the Lord than I have been in a long time. Thank you for spurring so many of us to Go Dark so we could see what we were missing. And now to Shine Bright!”

The D. L. Moody Center is thrilled to announce the launch of their new 10-day bible plan, Living As If God Exists (Because He Does), on the Bible app YouVersion.Inspired by the ‘Go Dark, Shine Bright’ campaign, the D. L. Moody Center’s bible plan will challenge readers to set aside stories that keep the Lord at arm’s length by engaging in practices that will ground their life in God’s story. People may use the bible plan during the social media fast or any time of the year. 

The D.L. Moody Center is an independent non-profit organization located in Northfield, Massachusetts. Dedicated to preserving and advancing the legacy of Dwight Moody, the D. L. Moody Center is a catalyst for spiritual formation in New England and beyond through evangelism and discipleship.   

As a destination for spiritual renewal, the D. L. Moody Center is not a school. Nevertheless, there is much to learn by studying D. L. Moody and what God accomplished through his life which began in New England, at the Northfield, Massachusetts campus, the heart of Moody’s ministry as well as his childhood home.   

The D. L. Moody Center is honored to sponsor the annual “Go Dark, Shine Bright” ministry campaign in partnership with The Shine Bright Project. The innovative initiative is designed to help Christians let go of the daily distractions of social media and focus on daily devotions in the Word of God.  

Learn more about D. L. Moody Center by visiting moodycenter.org or follow the ministry on Facebook or Twitter.