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Timothy Plan for The Christian Post: Finding financial comfort in the midst of a pandemic

By Art Ally for The Christian Post

Q: From a macro perspective, how is the current situation different from 2008, or other significant market downturns?

A: Although the current, sharp market decline has been very similar to that in 2008, the difference couldn’t be more glaring. In 2008, our economy was standing on quicksand. Today’s economy is the strongest I’ve seen in my 40-plus years in this industry. A very dangerous and contagious virus brought this nation — and the world for that matter —to a screeching halt. Although this is temporary, it’ll take some time to get our economic engine fully humming again. I don’t believe there will be any form of instant gratification — but recover we will because all the economic pieces are still in place for a full recovery.

Q: What do you envision is most likely to occur as we progress over the next three to six months?

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