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Timothy Plan for The Christian Post: The passion behind biblically responsible investing

By Robert Knight for The Christian Post

In 2018, Timothy Plan founder Art Ally’s daughter, Cheryl, penned an article, “Why Art Ally Is Not THE Expert on Biblically Responsible Investing.” She briefly traced family history and offered some thoughts about why Timothy Plan was an idea whose time had come: “One thing you could count on is my dad never settled for mediocrity. He always looked ahead to see how he could improve his knowledge—and his family’s income. But it came at a cost—way too many moves and financial roles,” Cheryl remembers. “Since I was pretty much the only child at this point, I experienced all of the pro-life rallies and events my parents dragged me to. I honestly had no idea how awful abortion was. He cared for the unborn and was hoping it would impact me in some way.

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