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Timothy Plan in The Stream: Moral and Biblical Investing Enables Believers to Make a Difference With Their Wallets

Published by The Stream | Image from The Stream

Genesis 1 through 3 tells us that God created all things, including men and women, for His own glory. It also tells us that humans have the honor of being at the very top of His creative order. This means humans, while inherently sinful, are infinitely valuable and should be treated with dignity, respect and compassion.

Since the beginning, God has given humanity the great gift of dominance over all living things. But with that comes a responsibility to be good stewards of His creation. Therefore, we owe it to our Maker to use our money wisely. We should do nothing to hinder His Kingdom, but instead advance it. And we should not invest in ventures that promote or traffic in immorality — and thus are destructive to people.

But good stewardship begins with acknowledging Who really calls the shots.

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