Timothy Plan Was Founded on Pro-Life Principles

Timothy Plan Was Founded on Pro-Life Principles

Abortion Cannot Be Funded by the Faithful, Says Timothy Plan Founder Art Ally

January 20, 2020

ORLANDO, Fla.—More than 25 years ago, it was Timothy Plan founder Art Ally’s pro-life commitment that led him in 1992 to start helping churches provide biblically sound retirement resources for pastors. Today, Ally’s commitment has expanded beyond the pulpit to help Americans make God-honoring investments that support life—at all stages.

The Timothy Plan family of biblically responsible mutual funds and ETFs helps Christians achieve their financial goals while investing in a morally responsible manner. Timothy Plan, for example, does not invest in those companies that support abortion or have other agendas contrary to the teachings of Scripture—or that are actively participating in activities that may prove destructive to our communities-at-large.

The first of its kind, Timothy Plan birthed the trend of biblically responsible investing (BRI), which is growing rapidly and extensively. In fact, Timothy Plan’s mutual funds currently have over $1 billion of assets under management. And those who know that life is sacred can rest assured that their investments through Timothy Plan will never compromise life.

“Nothing is more horrific than the death of an innocent unborn child who is voiceless, helpless and whose plan from the Lord is birth and life,” Ally said. “We will be held accountable if we don’t help stop the killing of our most precious ones, and for Christians, it is crucial that we know that not one penny of our God-given resources is invested to fund abortion.”

With a few clicks, investors can discover if companies are supporting the abortion industry and other facets of society that are unbiblical by visiting christianinvestingtool.com, which is powered by the one-of-a-kind eVALUEator. Timothy Plan subscribes this biblically based dynamic and moral investment screening tool to uncover immoral corporate activity.

“With the rise in BRI, Timothy Plan can make it possible for people to no longer have to choose between funding companies that support abortion and staying true to their faith,” Ally continued. “BRI affords the freedom to invest not only wisely but morally, including matters of the protection of sacred life. Investors who know they are pleasing God with their finances can sleep well at night for honoring His will and sticking to His plan.”

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