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Investing for Change: Timothy Plan’s Proactive Approach to Combat Human Trafficking

By Art Ally, Timothy Plan for TODD STARNES

It is unfortunate that not enough attention has been paid to a worldwide scourge: kidnapping people and using them as slave labor or pressing them into sexual bondage.

In an ongoing effort to combat the damaging effects of companies with ties to human trafficking, Timothy Partners, Ltd. (“TPL”), the advisor to Timothy Plan family of funds, has been taking ground on the fight against this depravity. By filtering investments in these companies, Timothy Plan aims to make a positive impact on our culture and promote investment options aligned with Biblical principles.

According to the U.S. State Department, an estimated 27.6 million people worldwide are being trafficked at any given time. Human trafficking is “a crime whereby traffickers exploit and profit at the expense of adults or children by compelling them to perform labor or engage in commercial sex.”

Children are especially vulnerable. The “trade” in children is facilitated by a global market in child pornography. Social media companies are also enablers, using increasingly sophisticated algorithms that yield personal information. An estimated 500,000 child predators are active online every day, according to Operation Underground Railroad.

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