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Trump should kill the Republican proposal for ‘ObamaCare 2.0’

(This post originally appeared on TheHill.com | Image from The Hill/Getty)

By Twila Brase
Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom

On March 23, we face the seventh anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, the law that made health insurance unaffordable and medical care less accessible. Republicans on the campaign trail promised to repeal the law, and Americans are counting on them to stick to their promise.

So why doesn’t GOP leadership’s proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA) fully repeal ObamaCare? Republican Congressman Justin Amashrightly called it “ObamaCare 2.0.”

Voters angry over ObamaCare have given Republicans control of Congress, control of state legislatures, and new governorships over the last three elections. During the 2016 election, conservative activists and Americans of every political stripe hurt by ObamaCare’s high costs, narrow networks and limited choices used their ballots to paint America’s political map an unmistakable Republican red.

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