Two Moms with Their Fingers on the Pulse of America’s Youth Join Dr. Alex McFarland for ‘Unashamed’ Truth for a New Generation Conference

Two Moms with Their Fingers on the Pulse of America’s Youth Join Dr. Alex McFarland for ‘Unashamed’ Truth for a New Generation Conference

Other Defenders of Truth—Todd Starnes, Kamal Saleem, Charles Crismier and William Federer—Will Help Christians of All Ages Stand Up for the Gospel at Richmond Event Oct. 11-12

GREENSBORO, N.C.—Most moms will say they have eyes in the back of their heads, being on the lookout for what their kids are doing—from any angle and with any number of distractions.

But what about keeping an eye on the culture, too?

Two savvy mothers and youth culture experts—Meeke Addison and Tina Marie Griffin—will join Dr. Alex McFarland for the upcoming Truth for a New Generation “Unashamed” conference near Richmond, Virginia, on Oct. 11-12. This special two-day event aims to help young people, families and Christians of all ages realize that one thing never changes—biblical truth.

Meeke Addison is not only a mother of five but also a spokesperson for the American Family Association (AFA) and host for American Family Radio (AFR). The pro-life and pro-family advocate attended the Truth for a New Generation Youth Apologetics Camp with McFarland this summer and said she was encouraged by—but also convicted about—the younger generations.

“Generation Z keeps amazing me!” Addison posted on social media. “There are real challenges, but there is REAL hope! I love this bunch! They have honestly stolen my heart! I’m praying for their generation with new insight. Oh, parents, our children are counting on us! I have learned SO much by spending time with the next generation of the Church. I’m discovering (they are) bolder than we realize. They need to be armed with Truth. One profound piece of information—they are desperate for genuine mentors. They can’t find any. I will pray about this, asking the Lord for insight.”

Likewise, mother-of-four Tina Marie Griffin is a pop culture expert who is also known as the “Counter Culture Mom.” Through presentations nationwide, the former Hollywood actress explains the real agenda, which is oftentimes shocking, behind the entertainment industry. Her mission is to challenge the next generation to live counter-culturally to what the critics claim is “harmless entertainment.” Young adults will be who they are meant to be, rather than who they are told to be.

“These two amazing women truly have their fingers on the pulse of today’s youth culture,” McFarland said. “They are smart, informed and passionate about young people—and diligent about making sure parents know everything that is being thrown at their kids in our society today. We can’t wait to work again with Meeke Addison and Tina Marie Griffin at next month’s Truth for a New Generation conference in Richmond. I know their words will go straight to the heart of every attendee and change the way they look at our culture.”

Addison and her husband, Wil, host the “Airing the Addisons” daily talk show, which focuses on empowering and strengthening the family and urban community. The program airs on AFR’s nearly 200 stations weekdays from 2 to 3 p.m. CDT. She also serves as Co-Director of Special Initiatives for AFA.

Addison’s work with AFA began in 2007 as a stay-at-home mom in Louisiana. Since then, she has primarily served on-air as a radio personality. She is also a conference speaker, women’s teacher and pro-family activist who keeps a close eye on politics, pop culture and the Church. Her focus is on equipping everyday Christians to effectively engage and transform culture.

Before joining AFA, Addison served as a nationally appointed missionary to America’s colleges and universities, utilizing her background in ministry and firm grasp of Scripture.

For over two decades, Griffin has built a reputation as being a leading media expert. She’s traveled globally for the past 15 years to reveal how pop culture and media are glamorizing harmful behaviors without showing the consequences and how these messages are eroding the foundational development of today’s youth. She has been sharing her eye-opening pop culture message, “Hollywood Exposed,” at school assemblies, parent meetings, colleges, leadership conferences, music festivals, camps, cruise ships, church services and other venues. The up-to-date, timely, interactive show includes quotes from celebrities as well as actual interview footage affirming that positive media, friends and choices lead to a successful life.

Griffin has worked on TV shows such as “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “Young and the Restless,” “Lizzie Maguire,” “Melrose Place,” “90210,” “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,” “Drake and Josh” and “Malcolm in the Middle,” along with countless Hollywood movies. In addition, she was a national trainer for L’Oreal Cosmetics, a contestant in the preliminary Miss America pageant and worked at the Oscars. Griffin is a regular guest on the “Stand Up for the Truth” podcast and does a weekly pop culture alert on “Bill Martinez Live!” on 280 stations.

Besides McFarland, Addison and Griffin, additional speakers at the Richmond Truth for a New Generation event on Oct. 11-12, hosted by Mount Vernon Baptist Church, 11220 Nuckols Road in Glen Allen, include:

  • CHARLES CRISMIER: Radio Host & Author | Crismier is founder and president of Save America Ministries. His daily radio broadcast, “Viewpoint,” has positioned him as a voice to the Church, declaring vision for the nation.
  • WILLIAM FEDERER: TV Host & Author | Federer is a nationally known speaker, best-selling author, and president of Amerisearch, Inc., a publishing company dedicated to researching America’s noble heritage. 
  • KAMAL SALEEM: Speaker & Author | Saleem is uniquely equipped concerning the true culture and agenda of radical Islam. He carries a message to awaken the Church through the truth, education and relationships.
  • TODD STARNES: Fox News Host & Author | Starnes, the author of the new book, “Culture Jihad,” is heard daily on hundreds of radio stations around the nation, as he defends the faith by reporting the truth.

Attendees to the Richmond TNG event may learn more and register at Truth for a New Generationor call (877) YES-GOD1. Truth for a New Generation Ministries is made possible in part by Liberty University.

Regional and nationally known Truth for a New Generationconferences seek to transform lives for Christ, as McFarland and other Christian apologists equip, empower and inspire attendees of all ages to confidently share the gospel of Jesus, go deeper in their faith, experience core truths that make for an unshakable faith and learn how to defend Christianity with boldness in any situation. Other events, set in cities around the nation, have accomplished the same. In fact, a second TNG “Unashamed” conference this fall is set for Nov. 15-16 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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