USPIE president: ‘If we don’t stop the indoctrination of children in America’s classrooms, we will lose them to a government that has ulterior motives’

USPIE’s new film, ‘Truth & Lies in American Education,’ equips parents with resources to fight for educational reform

October 17, 2022

COLUMBIA, S. C. — Despite the continued outrage from many concerned parents,  federally-funded schools are working to push toxic ideologies on America’s impressionable children. For example, a fourth-grade teacher in New Jersey is coming under fire for interviewing and recording students on the educator’s “non-binary” “they/them” pronouns and posting the videos on a public TikTok account over the course of several months — the teacher even captioned the video “indoctrinating my students.” Parents are calling the exploitation of these children a public example of “grooming” and calling for immediate response from the school board.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Sheri Few, founder and president of United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE). “Parents all across the nation are rallying together to fight for their God-given parental rights and demanding change in the face of the explicit content being forced on their children, such as inappropriate sex education, critical race theory (CRT), and just outright Marxism. Parents are marshalling forces and looking for ways to make a difference, but often don’t know how to get started.

“USPIE’s new documentary, ‘Truth & Lies in American Education,’ is designed to inform parents of the horrors happening within the public school system, as well as equip them to make change for their children.”

Truth & Lies in American Education” reveals the shocking realities behind the explicit content in American schools — and equips viewers with the information needed to fight for change. With testimonials from educational experts such as Karen England, Alex Newman, Dr. Duke Pesta, Dr. Carol Swain, Sam Sorbo, and others, the film challenges any preconceived notions about the American education system. The film follows Few’s own daughter-in-law, April, as she learns about the alarming liberal agenda throughout America’s school system. Driven by her own desire to safeguard her children, April Few makes the shocking discovery that the government education system — the one intended to educate America’s children — has been infiltrated with toxic propaganda.

“‘Truth & Lies in American Education’ is a must-see for parents across America,” Few commented. “If we don’t stop the indoctrination of children in America’s classrooms, we will lose them to a government that has ulterior motives.”

Few is fighting on the front lines to reveal the extent of Leftist propaganda in school systems. Few requested a copy of the teacher training materials from her local Kershaw County School District. The school district failed to provide the materials, despite the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request Few submitted. Determined to uncover the truth, Few was forced to file a lawsuit against Kershaw County School District and vows to pursue this issue until the school district shares the training materials as required by law.

“Parents need to be vigilant with their children’s education,” Few stated. “If we aren’t strong advocates for our children, who will be? ‘Truth & Lies in American Education’ should be an eye-opening — and horrifying — experience for many Americans. Witnessing April uncover these shocking truths about the system that she was set to send her children into is sobering. We’re hoping that this documentary not only opens the eyes of the viewers but spurs them into action.”

The film is available for streaming on SalemNOW, as well available on DVD. For more information about Truth & Lies in American Education,” click here.

Sheri Few is the Founder and President of United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) whose mission is to end the US Department of Education and all federal education mandates. USPIE has established 20 state chapters and is growing rapidly amid the national outcry from parents who want to regain control of their children’s education. Few is a nationally recognized leader on education policy and is often quoted in conservative media. Few has spent much of the last year exposing critical race theory and serving as executive producer for the new documentary film titled “Truth & Lies in American Education.

United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) is a nonprofit, nationwide coalition that seeks to return education to its proper local roots and restore parental authority over their children’s education by helping parents and local communities to escape federal and other national influences. It is the vision of USPIE to create a culture where parents, empowered with the authority to choose what and how their children learn, are the undisputed primary educators of their children, where local schools operate in support of families, and where education is unencumbered by federal mandates. For more information on United States Parents Involved in Education, visit or follow USPIE on Facebook or Twitter.