USPIE President Sheri Few: ‘Government money will destroy private schooling’

USPIE’s new film ‘Truth & Lies in American Education’ reveals insidious agenda hidden inside American schools — funded by tax dollars

September 19, 2022

COLUMBIA, S. C. — Earlier this year, the Supreme Court ruled that private schools are qualified to receive federal funding. This ruling garnered significant praise from many national conservative policy groups , but Sheri Few, president and founder of United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE), feels differently. USPIE’s latest feature film, “Truth & Lies in American Education,” uncovers the harsh realities inside America’s government-funded schools. The film reveals the truth about federal funding — once a school accepts government payouts, they are forced to implement horrendous progressive propaganda that will poison the young minds of America.

“Government money will destroy private schooling,” Few commented. “The U.S. Department of Education (USED) funds more than 100 subsidy programs, and each comes with regulations that extend federal control into state and local education. The accumulation of federal rules has suppressed innovation, diversity, and competition in state education systems, while generating vast paper-pushing bureaucracies. In fact, state education officials report that most of their staff (in some cases significant majorities) simply oversee and manage federal education programs.

“Policy makers seem always on the lookout for the latest thing: the newest innovation that would set the world of education on fire. Yet, in retrospect, it is hard to think of a single program that USED funded that made a lasting contribution to the advancement of education. Most programs supported by USED are designed to serve the students most in need. Nevertheless, the achievement gap between children of differing income levels has increased over the years. Efforts to improve educational outcomes for low-income children have also been expensive and unproductive. Even the federal college grant and loan programs have been ineffective for students.”

Few continued, “Although this experiment with federal control of local public schools has gone on for half a century now, it has failed. We need to stop treating children like guinea pigs in some social engineering laboratory and start embracing children as human beings to be supported and inspired to achieve their own dreams and aspirations.

“US Parents Involved in Education is dedicated to returning education to its proper local roots and restoring parental authority over their children’s education by helping parents and local communities to escape federal and other national influences. This is the key to fighting back against overreaching federal education mandates.

“The evidence is inarguable — the federal government’s intervention in education has been a dismal failure and must end.”

To hear more from Sheri Few about government funding and schooling, see her latest OPED in Townhall.

USPIE provides key resources for people who want to fight back against critical race theory, sex education and indoctrination, and other concerning pedagogies in American schools. “Truth & Lies in American Education” gives an insiders look into the troubling agendas in education. The film follows Few’s own daughter-in-law, April Few, as she makes the shocking discovery that the governmental education system — the one intended to help and educate America’s children — has been infiltrated with toxic propaganda.

Truth & Lies in American Education” includes powerful testimonies from educational experts such as Karen England, Alex Newman, Dr. Duke Pesta, Dr. Carol Swain, Sam Sorbo, and others. The film is available for streaming on SalemNOW, as well available on DVD

For more information about Truth & Lies in American Education,” click here.

Sheri Few is the Founder and President of United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) whose mission is to end the US Department of Education and all federal education mandates. USPIE has established 20 state chapters and is growing rapidly amid the national outcry from parents who want to regain control of their children’s education. Few is a nationally recognized leader on education policy and is often quoted in conservative media. Few has spent much of the last year exposing critical race theory and serving as executive producer for the new documentary film titled “Truth & Lies in American Education.

United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) is a nonprofit, nationwide coalition that seeks to return education to its proper local roots and restore parental authority over their children’s education by helping parents and local communities to escape federal and other national influences. It is the vision of USPIE to create a culture where parents, empowered with the authority to choose what and how their children learn, are the undisputed primary educators of their children, where local schools operate in support of families, and where education is unencumbered by federal mandates.

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